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With its picturesque islands, stunning beaches, enthralling history, and a wealth of incredible hotels, Greece is the perfect destination to unwind. It has plenty of islands waiting for you to explore. Scattered all over the Aegean Sea, each of the Greek islands offers something unique. And, exploring them is one of the best ways to experience the real charm of Greece

Here are some of the best places to go when you want to unwind in Greece.


Crete is the legendary birthplace of Zeus and home to Europe’s earliest civilization. The island used to be ruled by the Turks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, and its towns and have their fair share of multicultural influences. 

According to while the best way to unwind in Crete is to relax at one of its many beautiful beaches, it’s well worth strolling through the backstreets of Chania, especially along its charming Venetian harbour. The pretty medieval town of Rethymno, with its impressive fortress, is also well worth a visit. While in by the coast, rent a Crete villa near the beach, where you can unwind after a day of exploring the island, here’s where you can swim with dolphins.


Kefalonia is the largest of all Ionian islands and a popular destination for tourists seeking relaxation in Greece. It’s home to mountainous villages surrounded by lush greenery, breathtaking landscape, Byzantine monasteries, and amazing buildings they keep clean with help from local services such as this  one

For a relaxing holiday in Kefalonia, head to the stunning beaches of Myrtos, Skala, Antisamos, and Lourdas. If you want to explore, some of the top sites to visit are the Cave of Drogarati, which has fantastic stalagmites and stalactites, the Sea Lake of Melissani, and the Castle of Saint George.


Santorini is a popular holiday destination in Greece for many reasons. Perched on the edge of a steep cliff, it is famous for its romantic sunsets and picturesque villages that open to the great views of the Aegean Sea. Aside from exploring the caldera villages featuring traditional Cycladic architecture, there are many relaxing things to do in Santorini. 

The sunset views of Santorini are among the reasons why people would come here to unwind. You can admire its views from every corner of the island, although the sunset in Oia has the most breathtaking views. Santorini is also not short of beautiful beaches from where you can unwind during the day. These beaches are made up of red, white, and black sands, shielded by sheer cliffs.


Paros is one of the most popular Cycladic Islands lying along the Aegean Sea. It’s a favourite summer destination for locals and visitors for its vibrant nightlife scene and welcoming ambience. 

For a relaxing way to enjoy your holiday in Paros, head to Kolymbithres beach, famous for its unique rock formations, this is one of the highlights of taking a luxury Greece tour to guarantee you see all the sights. Lying on the north of the island, the bay’s shallow and crystal-clear waters allow for a rejuvenating swim.


Kos is a popular island in the Dodecanese and a popular tourist destination in Greece. Famous for its beautiful beaches, the island also offers many historical landmarks resulting from the various cultures that influenced the island throughout the years.

For a relaxing vacation on Kos Island, head to Agios Fokas, where you’ll find a sea pool with hot springs known as the “thermes”. There are also yoga centres on the island where you can join yoga classes in a serene oceanfront environment, which makes for a truly relaxing holiday. 

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