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Are we seriously still talking about all this snow? I’ve never been over inclement weather more in my life. I feel like I have no right to complain though – sure this is extraordinary, but it is New England. If I wanted palm trees every day I would’ve moved to Miami. But here I am, no end to this horrible mess in sight. A couple years ago a lamented about one bad storm we had. How naive I was. But, we soldier on, right? We’re a resilient city. I’ve compiled a few things to do while we’re trapped in blankets of white.

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Fix that Leak

In my apartment, we’ve had this awful leaky faucet in the bathroom for months. We pretend it doesn’t exist. We’re too busy going, out, traveling, having fun! But really, now is the perfect time to finally address those little issues around the house. Forget spring cleaning!

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Who wants to clean when it’s beautiful outside? Do it now, and your future self that’s basking in the sun with all that free time will thank your past, miserable, cold self. If you still don’t want to do it yourself, you can always hire professionals like Modern Maids Cleaning. To survive winter, you should also have a water heater or a hot water heater installation at home or your apartment. Therefore, contact experts who provide tankless water heater installation in Five Forks, SC and nearby areas to install one. And if you need commercial water heaters for your business premises, then make sure to hire Commercial Tankless Water Heater Installation experts. Moreover, make sure to perform regular repairs and maintenance for your water heating system, you may consider hiring a hot water heater repair specialist for professional water heater and plumbing repair services

Take Advantage of Carpooling

Some companies in town are really stepping up their game to help out the locals. Recently, I heard a great app called Tripda is offering a way for people to alleviate costs of bypassing the defunct MBTA. It’s like Uber, but usually reserved for longer haul trips, like between Boston and Washington D.C. Drivers set the price, pick up their passengers and off they go – Tripda just makes connections and doesn’t take a cut of the profit. Those using Tripda for the extraordinary circumstances in Boston though can easily split parking rates if they choose to carpool. Sign up here and grab a few more people for your commute and be road warriors together – boom, instant rebate and sharing costs for all.

Act Like a Kid

Remember when we were kids and we’d freak out when we got a snow day? I miss that. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve taken five minutes this winter to hop on a sled, strap on some skates or even catch a snowflake on my tongue. That’s a crying shame. Try to embrace the beauty of New England and go make some memories you can share with your kids someday. Or, be a grump and sit inside, then just have tales of how you trudged through the snow uphill both ways to get to work. Yawn.

boston blizzard, snow in boston,

Help Others

What better way to feel good about yourself than helping others during this awful storm? Sure my commute has tripled this season, but I’m lucky to have a car and working heat to weather this awful winter. Some people aren’t faring as well as others. Give your local soup kitchens a call and see how you can help out. Or, consider cooking at home and taking your Chinese food take-out money to donate to a great cause. I love Rosie’s Place in particular – women in need had the toughest time during the winter and require basic items to stay warm and comfortable until we all thaw out.  They take monetary gifts and donated items such as coffee mugs and non-perishable food. Give them a hand.

Just. Skip. Town.

I know, this seems like a defeatist move. But really, this snow isn’t going to melt for months and we might never dig ourselves out. It could be spring before our seasonal depression lifts and we’re all able to function as a cohesive city again. I for one am working to get the hell out of dodge as often as possible. I do enjoy the occasional boutique hotel, but lately I’ve really been into World Escape. It works like other big name booking sites, but offers an eclectic mix of great properties to choose from when you want to get off the grid for a while. I have my eye on a few of their sunny locations, including but not limited to Rio and Barcelona. Heck even New York City sounds great right now, at least their public transportation is running at full speed.

Good luck Boston. Just remember, we’re all in this together. The madness has to end at some point. I’m going to ignore the fact that I saw a forecast for ice storms this weekend. Shudder.


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