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Animal Appeals and Spa Deals in Sanibel Island, Florida

Who doesn’t get excited about dolphins?! I squealed right alongside the kids when about a half dozen leaped and bounded alongside the boat. The Capitan insisted our screeching and whistling helped encourage the jumping, but I think he just delighted in seeing the little ones lose their minds. There’s so many wild creatures that call the islands around Sanibel home that I encountered new ones every day. These days being on the road usually means work. But the trip to Sanibel Island was going to be best of both worlds…

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Jake at the new Cafe Esplanade in Boston, MA

This is Jake’s blogging debut, but he’s certainly not new to writing. He’s interested in the ongoings around Boston and likes to find out people’s stories, especially when it has to do with local food. Recently he checked out the newly renovated Cafe Esplanade and found it was easy to while away the hours in the Back Bay. Separating the city of Boston from the city of Cambridge, the glistening waters of the Charles River gives the perfect view for a delicious meal here at the Cafe Esplanade. If you’re looking…

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