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Animal Appeals and Spa Deals in Sanibel Island, Florida

Who doesn’t get excited about dolphins?! I squealed right alongside the kids when about a half dozen leaped and bounded alongside the boat. The Capitan insisted our screeching and whistling helped encourage the jumping, but I think he just delighted in seeing the little ones lose their minds. There’s so many wild creatures that call the islands around Sanibel home that I encountered new ones every day. These days being on the road usually means work. But the trip to Sanibel Island was going to be best of both worlds…

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Bonus Video- The Hello Kitty Suite at the Hai-Lai: Taiwan

I was going to keep this under wraps, but I couldn’t help sharing the ridiculous walk-through of the Hello Kitty Suite in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, previously mentioned in Hello Kitty Vs. Barbie – An All Out Brawl. I was hot and delirious from all the pink, but it still gives you a good look into this crazy world! Feel free to check out the other great travel videos that are starting to pop up on the CrookedFlight YouTube page too.

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Hello Kitty Vs. Barbie – An All Out Brawl in Taiwan

Me? I just don’t DO pink. And purple I tend to avoid all together. So when rumors started flying around that there was a suite in the Grand Hai-Lai Hotel in Kaohsiung that was completely dripping in Hello Kitty paraphernalia, I wanted to run for the hills. In the next breath, everyone was twittering about the pink-bombed Barbie Cafe too we might see in Taipei later, all of which was enough to make me question my life choices about traveling for a living. But when in Rome! Ready to embrace…

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