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Finding a Cozy Place to People Watch in Manhattan

As soon as I hit New York City I usually hole up in the hotel for hours. It’s awful, but it can get pretty overwhelming when you’re out wandering the streets looking for a place to park your rear. Doesn’t matter if it’s for a cocktail, to open your laptop or have a cup of coffee – it can seem a bit cliquey and crazy to the everyday wanderer. This week I headed to Manhattan to prove the anxiety-driven explorers wrong – there is a couple of spots left to…

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I keep running away to New York! – Affinia Manhattan hotel review

affinia manhattan hotel room nyc eileen cotter wright

It really is a shame that one of the greatest cities in the world is only a few short hours from Boston – a shame for my wallet that is. Luckily this ‘biz has a couple perks and I was able to return last weekend for a quick little romp, as I think winter really is the best time to visit Manhattan. I brought the boyfriend this time and was planning on some serious sightseeing and only having the laptop open for a couple of hours. We enjoyed wine-ing, dining,…

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New York City, An Old Friend: Hotel Americano Review

The city is well-known to me as I’ve visited a dozen times in my life, but it’s also my crazy, insane, unpredictable friend. Like that one you keep from college who’s still taking tequila shots and waking up next to strangers. It’s hilarious to catch up, hear their stories and maybe even indulge the old lifestyle a little, but man am I exhausted by the end and ready to go home. I covered The New York Times travel show last weekend for In The Know Traveler and was able to…

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