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Travel Musings and Discussing Forever in Boston

Although I held on with my perfectly manicured talons as long as I could, the summer escaped me. I hopped on planes and schmoozed and maybe even got married (hence the nails). It’s been a wild ride. But back to work. To begin picking up the pieces and getting back into the game, I met up with a fellow travel lover at the Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square. Although I have a little adventure/mini-moon squared away for this weekend in Nova Scotia, beyond that my state of satisfying wanderlust…

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Childhood Dreams: Seeing the Lipizzaner Stallions Perform in Essex, MA

Lipizzaner Stallion - Crooked Flight

Not too long ago I was a freak about horses. Before the internet went viral, I clipped photos of the Kentucky Derby out of the newspaper and snipped apart horse-themed magazines I had saved all my allowance to buy. One of my fondest memories was the Lipizzaner Stallions – a pale gray and white horse breed hailing from Austria used in the military for centuries. They are based in the elegant and breathtaking Spanish Riding School while they train for special dressage moves, like moving in rhythm to music, jumping…

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Learning How to Shop Vintage on the North Shore

Vintage Shop - CrookedFlight

To really get my local on, I drove all the way through Boston up to the North Shore, stopping in Salisbury. Last weekend the Vintage Baazar hosted a lovely brunch (with even lovelier booze and food) to kick off their weekend of great finds and rare commodities. More than 140 vendors gathered at the the flower and landscape-centered Pettengill Farm to trade and sell wares. It would have super easy to outfit my entire home just this weekend – so many incredible handmade furniture pieces, decorative accouterments, clothes, children’s items like this…

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Jake at the new Cafe Esplanade in Boston, MA

This is Jake’s blogging debut, but he’s certainly not new to writing. He’s interested in the ongoings around Boston and likes to find out people’s stories, especially when it has to do with local food. Recently he checked out the newly renovated Cafe Esplanade and found it was easy to while away the hours in the Back Bay. Separating the city of Boston from the city of Cambridge, the glistening waters of the Charles River gives the perfect view for a delicious meal here at the Cafe Esplanade. If you’re looking…

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Losing Control and Loving it at Chocolate Therapy

You can live in an area for 20 years and still not scratch the surface when it comes to adventure. When I have down time in between trips, I love to explore the greater Boston area. It’s easy to take your hometown for granted, so I do my best to appreciate my surroundings. When I received the complimentary opportunity through Boston Brunchers to make some chocolate Framingham, I jumped for joy. It had been an insane week so any sort of escape was very welcome. But this was not any…

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Top 5 Things to Occupy Yourself During a Ridiculous Blizzard

After several hours of shoveling the white stuff out of our massive driveway, I still wouldn’t trade it for anything. People might be terrified of New England in the winter, but when it snows and the sun shines after the apocalyptic aftermath, it’s one of the most beautiful sights in the world. OK I might sell out for a pina colada and a beach in Fiji, but that’s not the point. For now, some hot chocolate and a warm roof over my head is just perfect. Whether you reside in…

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Charming, Italian, Culinary, Boston

Take a peek at my “In the Know Traveler” debut where I wandered through MY hometown to seek out a new side I haven’t discovered yet. Please share with your friends, and I’d be happy to offer more tips on indulging in this part of the city! Read More: Charming, Italian, Culinary, Boston This website has really been a godsend, as the editor has let me use it for networking and showing off my skills in any way I choose. Lined up I have more stories on London, Mexico and the hotels I’ve stayed at…piled…

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