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Business and pleasure go hand in hand for me these days. I travel to write, write to travel and have beautifully blended the art of work hard, play hard. It works great for me personally, as I’m able to travel for my freelance job and also take time to relax while on the road.

What’s great about trips under both the guise of work and vacation is that I get to stay at a variety of properties. From lavish luxury resorts to humble B&Bs in the countryside, I’ve seen a little of everything this past decade. While having more than 100 overnights away from my home base each year, I have definitely figured out what works and doesn’t work for me and when I travel with others. Same with my hustling friends like Jeanne – we all are running around crazy and need the perfect oasis to crash at when the day is said and done. So, a few experiences coming up in the near future:

Singapore Slings and Things

This trip is already on the books, as the husband and I plan to go to Singapore this January during our Thailand trip. The last big international trip X and I did was to Australia for a half honeymoon/half business trip. I thought the week in Sydney would be lame as we were put up by the company, but it was perfect for us downtown. I loved the apartment we shared and all its features – it was more like being at home. When we go to Singapore, we will be on the hunt for similar accommodations, such as MetroResidences for great business travel apartments. It’s ideal to have the space and the amenities when handling a brand new, unfamiliar city.

Japan is Calling

My brother just returned from his trip to japan and said it was one of the wildest place he had seen before. I’d love to go too, but do it properly, as there are so many wonderful regions and cities to see. I’ll need a heck of a lot of time in Japan to do it justice! How can you choose between Mt. Fuji and the Osaka Castl,e or any of the beautiful temples and the cherry blossoms in bloom? Luckily MetroResidences is also an option in many major neighborhood throughout Tokyo, so it’s a viable choice while I work on freelance assignments and also enjoy the country at the same time.

What’s Important for Business Travel?

When you have to be 100% percent on as soon as you get off the plane, it’s so essential to be able to feel comfortable while traveling for work. Here are a few things I can’t live without when working worldwide:

Outlets. I need plenty of outlets to make sure my phone, laptop, camera batteries and everything else are always fully charged. Bonus points if the outlets are near the bed and I can reach the easily. A few times I even found the outlets in rented apartments to be universal, so no need for more than one travel converter.

Views. My space needs lots of natural light to help me make calls and meets early in the morning, especially if I’m battling different time zones. If I don’t have as much time to explore a destination on my own, I like to at least have a great view of the city (or greenery) below to get a feel of the area.

Space. I thought I could go without too much space when traveling solo, but you really can’t beat a giant, plush bed all to yourself sometimes. I appreciate apartments and rented homes that have a separate bedroom so there’s room to work and room to relax.

When you take a business trip, what is essential for you? Where did you last travel to for business?



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Eileen Cotter Wright is a Boston, MA expat living in London, UK. She is a freelance writer and owner of group travel site Despite losing her passport the first day she left her home country, she's continued to roam the earth with gusto for about a decade. You can keep up with her hot mess adventures on Twitter @Crooked_Flight.

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