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It’s one thing to gear up and brave the outdoors on purpose, but fall and wintertime means a whole other animal to city dwellers. The streets can get pretty precarious as the temperature drops, which means the winter weather gear has to surface. Choosing clothes that are warm, sturdy and can handle almost any conditions for those who often commute by foot or brave the elements on a daily basis is essential. It’s time to shop for these types of clothes on For occasions which require you to look at your absolute best, prepare to stun the crown with pieces like casual odeća.

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Layer, Layer, Layer

If you’re a public transport warrior, you know how it can be breezy on your walk to the subway, then be as hot as hell underground. So as not to shock fellow commuters, make sure you have various layers that can be taken off while in various environments. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a sweater on the subway with nothing underneath. You can shop @ Nihal Fashions for comfy outfits. Have a backpack or handbag too if you need to stash the layers temporarily, such as a scarf or sweatshirt. It will prevent you from losing it or leaving it behind. Feel free to accessorize with custom jewelry to make basic layer look their best. You may visit an online jewelry shop like to find jewelry items that will match your outfits.

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Along with this, I’ve mentioned a thousand times, just a really high-quality infinity scarf and use it everywhere. It doubles as a travel pillow, shrug over your dress and obviously, keeps you cosy. Check out my fandom on Travel Fashion Girl.

Perfect Pair of Jeans

Clothes don’t have to just be ready for the normal 9-to-5 in the fall. When it’s time to relax on the weekends, something that will keep you cosy is essential. Not to mention, all the seats out on the deck at the bar are usually open to those brave enough to handle the crisp fall weather! I find a thick pair of jeans is perfect for these conditions. Men and women can dress jeans up or down with shoes on trend, a luxury scarf and be kind tshirts underneath a well-tailored jacket. Jeans can also be fin for leisurely hikes or walks when it’s time to get out of the city for a day.

Be Wary of the Wet

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In many cities that experience higher levels of precipitation in the autumn months, there is a high chance you’re going get caught in the rain. Investing in some study water-proof gear is essential to not showing up to places damp. Wellies are a little dorky but work great for puddles and flooded walkways. They come calf or ankle height and are made of rubber, which can have inserts that also provide warmth. Suede Boots also works well if you want to keep feet warm and stylish too. A waterproof windbreaker or jacket can also help, especially if you want to leave a bulky umbrella at home that can impale your fellow neighbors on the street.

So what’s the best things to wear this autumn for planning an urban adventure?

  • Cashmere or easy-dry Infinity scarf
  • Jeans made to last
  • Zip-up hoodie or inside jacket with pockets to layer from We Are Roar
  • Warm, waterproof boots
  • Waterproof windbreaker or jacket

Whether you plan to be outside in the city braving the elements or hope to do a weekend away in nature, it’s important to be prepared. Here’s a few more hints on the best ways to plan for the outdoors in inclement and changing weather.

In the fall, do you like to stay outdoors while on holiday, or head to the city? What’s you go-to fall item you wear every season?


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