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It’s rare for me to have a real, solid holiday. Usually I’m balancing some work on my laptop between fruity cocktails, or spending weeks before crafting article ideas before I’m even on the plane. So when my friend Corey suggested an island trip where we simply unwind and enjoy our sunny surroundings, I jumped at the chance.

tenerife coastline

What did we agree on? The beautiful destination of Tenerife! A Spanish island off the coast of west Africa, it’s best known for its perfect beaches, volcanic rock and swinging nightlife. It seems like this place offers a little of everything for all of us to indulge.

Know the Island

There are two airports on Tenerife, in the north and south. We’ll be staying south this time, only a few minutes from where our plane lands near the beach. When we go in the spring, the island is covered in wildflowers and not too many tourists, who mostly visit during the winter and summer. More than ten million people go to Tenerife for sand and sun every year! If desired, you can get to the other nearby Canary Islands via ferry or domestic air taxis.

Have a Home-base Oasis

homeaway house tenerife

I love finding deals for luxury accommodations, meals and activities when on a getaway – it feels like you’ve found a real steal for a high-end experience. This time, Corey took care of where we’ll stay and found something just about perfect. I do love catered hotels and resorts, but we all will be enjoying a large holiday home, complete with private pool, modern furnishings and massive bedrooms. We had originally looked at a similar property that was booked too fast, so the same company offered us an even bigger home for the same rate.

Relax and Conquer Adventures

mountain tenerife

I plan to spend the majority of the time by the pool or at the beach while I have several blissful days without a set itinerary. But I hear there’s so much to do on the island, I don’t want to miss out on some adventures as well. Tenerife is home to Spain’s highest mountain, called Mt. Tilde. I’d love to give hiking inland a go and be rewarded with some great views. Not sure if we’ll make it to the top, but you can take a cable car very close to the summit of the volcano, which sounds perfect. Near our holiday home is the Siam Park Tenerife – a giant waterpark that boasts the longest lazy river tube ride in the world.

Feel the Island Vibes

tenerife carnaval girl via flckr

While we loved being in Florida last month, the weather in January was a little dodgy. Many days it rained and the ocean was never that warm. However, the weather in Tenerife is supposed to be wonderful year-round. In fact, every February they host Carnaval that is said to rival the one in Rio. We will be visiting in April, but I’m sure the skies will be just as blue then too.

When was the last time you took a beach vacation? Have to ever been to the Canary Islands? If you could unplug for a whole week, where would you go?


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