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Despite the occasional occurrence of winter-like weather, the chilly season is behind us expats and Londoners, and it’s time to embrace springtime. With such an abundance of sights and attractions, London is a goldmine for outdoor activities – from bike tours to paintball – the capital is your oyster.

While London most definitely has a certain sense of charm during winter, it’s safe to say that the warmth of spring and the opportunity to enjoy London’s diverse outdoor activities is very much welcome. You may prefer to keep it simple with a leisurely stroll, see the sights on a bike tour, or switch it up as you delve into an immersive day of outdoor paintball. London really does have something to suit the needs of many people.

Explore London’s Parks

richmond park deer via flickr

London has always been amongst the most popular cities in the world. While the city does indeed have an abundance of sights, attractions and historical locations, its public parks are beloved by many as a constant source of beautiful scenery and leisure.

When it comes to London’s parks, there are a fair few to take your pick from, and you also have diversity in regards to scenery and even wildlife (most notably Richmond Park’s free-roaming deer and St James’s Park’s famous pelicans).

Throughout the year – when the UK’s unpredictable weather will allow it – London’s parks are home to an abundance of sports and activities such as tennis for which you can get proper shoes at Tennisinformation online store, cycling, skating, boating, and golf. There are also music events, such as the Lovebox festival, which last year brought over 20,000 people to Victoria Park and featured some big-name artists.

lovebox festival london via flickr

A Day of Paintballing

If a relaxing stroll around a London park doesn’t fit the bill, and you’d prefer something more engaging to get your pulse racing, the adrenaline-fueled antics of paintball are a tough competitor for most outdoor activities. Expertly designed maps and authentic combat scenarios provide the ultimate environment for the best paintballing London has to offer.


Whether you’re looking for an exciting activity to cure the weekend boredom, are planning a paintball birthday party for your kids, or think stag do paintball will be the perfect last hurrah before married life, paintballing is a brilliant activity to rally the troops and enjoy the great outdoors. And, being suitable for ages 8 and upwards, allows you to plan a day where children and adults can both join in.


Paintballing is also an ideal chance to embrace your inner outdoorsman and escape the hustle and bustle of the inner city. Providing you with larger, more diverse terrain to explore and use to your advantage for ambushes and other tactical manoeuvres.

See the Sights on a Saddle

London is a big city – really big actually – and with so many sights to see spread far and wide across the capital, seeing them all on foot would be an exhausting task. For this reason, along with the quest for a ‘greener’ environment and the general leisurely nature of the activity, cycling in larger cities has become a popular attraction for both locals and tourists.

fat tire bike tour london

If you’re the latter and are planning to visit the UK’s capital, a bike tour is an unconventional and brilliant way to see the sights. These tours have become increasingly popular, and you’ll find that you now have an abundance of choice in regards to tour companies and the type of sights you can see. So, it’s worth researching a few of the more popular companies in order to find something that suits your needs.

Much like other big European cities (Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, etc.), London has fully embraced the pedal-powered appeal of cycling and bike tours. With so much excitement to be had and diversity to experience, London really is a place to grab with both hands, or in this case, both handlebars.

london waterfront thames

“It has something for everyone” is a phrase that’s used to describe many tourist locations, but in London’s case, it’s a statement that rings true. You could immerse yourself in the exciting world of outdoor paintball, take a stroll through one of the many beautiful parks, or see the sights from the comfort of a saddle. London really does have something for everyone.

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