Losing Control and Loving it at Chocolate Therapy

You can live in an area for 20 years and still not scratch the surface when it comes to adventure. When I have down time in between trips, I love to explore the greater Boston area. It’s easy to take your hometown for granted, so I do my best to appreciate my surroundings.


When I received the complimentary opportunity through Boston Brunchers to make some chocolate Framingham, I jumped for joy. It had been an insane week so any sort of escape was very welcome.

But this was not any normal excursion. Chocolate Therapy in Framingham is paradise. The plucky duo of owners Pam and David run a tight ship, which makes for some smooth sailing, just like their chocolate.

Located in a bright and colorful spot on Route 9, there is a wafting aroma of sugar and spice, which was most welcome on a rainy day. In a cheery yellow room, Pam got to work explaining the various kinds of sweets her company creates. The best part was sampling good and bad chocolate at the same time. It really puts it into perspective how good the good stuff is! On the menu was dark, milk and white chocolate varities, was well as some cocoa butter for comparison.

Then onto the chocolate art. From a few different kinds, highlights were the Buzz Mallow with homemade marshmallow and bee pollen, as well as the Pom Balm that had pomegranate essence as the star. What surprised me most was The Cure made with cayenne, cinnamon and bay leaf. Now I am a huge wuss when it comes to spice. I like my food nice and bland to coincide with my Irish roots. But I nibbled the side of this delectable truffle and a slow, lingering wave of heat danced on my tongue – just enough to intrigue and worry me that it’d get stronger before it faded away. Honestly, that chocolate was one of the most interesting things I’ve ever eaten in all my travels.


I didn’t JUST stuff my face full of sweets – I was also put to work. We learned how the revolving chocolate drizzling machine (named Lucy, obviously) created perfectly shaped truffles. Ryan, a talent chocolate making connoisseur, gave us a lesson in making ganache filling with a flair for creativity. I tried my hand at hand rolling chocolates (big fail, mine were all lumpy) and decorating chocolate bark (much more my style, nice and easy).

Walking by the display cases of French macarons, peanut butter chocolate pops and treats in every hue, I loaded up a box to take home alongside the chocolate we made that night. I can’t wait to make my way back here when I need my next fix, or stop by their retail store in Dedham at Legacy Place. Maybe I’ll just have my birthday party there next month. Turning 28 is the perfect year for a chocolate making party, right?!

Author: EileenCotterWright

Eileen Cotter Wright is a Boston, MA expat living in London, UK. She is a freelance writer and owner of group travel site PureWander.com. Despite losing her passport the first day she left her home country, she's continued to roam the earth with gusto for about a decade. You can keep up with her hot mess adventures on Twitter @Crooked_Flight.

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  1. birthday and chocolate, sounds like the best time ever! Wait, when’s your birthday?

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    • Soon, I’m just going to celebrate the anniversary of my 21st birthday again :)

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        • You’re famous, thanks for volunteering!

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