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I have a confession to make.

I am a hot mess.

The very first experience I ever had leaving the country, my passport was lost within 3 hours of landing. True story. Although I might lie and say it was stolen to save face from time to time. That was almost a decade ago, and I’ve added several continents and countless destinations to my roster. I also started the best blog ever – Crooked Flight – around that time. Although back in the day it was just sporadic and for my loved ones.

Recently my biggest adventure was a three-year international move to London with my husband. I now am lucky enough to wander solo, have group travel adventures and, of course, explore everything as a newlywed. While travel wa and is my passion, some big things happened recently that have changed the direction of Crooked Flight.

First, I decided to get straight up panic attacks while boarding planes. Yikes. Not helpful when you travel for a living! Then my health declined and I found yoga to help feel better, which has turned into an almost daily practice and lifestyle.

As always, I promise to bring the real deal to you. I won’t sugar coat, I won’t pretend it’s always glamorous and I also won’t say it’s for everyone. But for me, traveling is in my ‘duende’, or soul. I #cantstopwontstop until I’ve seen it all.

This is a grassroots global hunt, devoid of official guidance or connections. You will find:

  • Personal accounts of destinations worldwide, from Sydney  to St. Lucia and beyond
  • Real-talk tips on how to organize yourself abroad
  • Reviews of the coolest places to lay your head
  • Local insight on my fave towns like Boston and London
  • Occasional cameos from some of my other writer buddies

So, officially I’d like to say I’m a trained and travel-savvy journalist with experience in editing, layout, copy editing, analyzing, producing, advertising and managing. Unofficially? I hustle as a self-employed freelancer and I’m learning unbelievable things about the industry everyday. By night I ramble here and swap stories with other adventure-seekers. Please feel free to contact me: cotterep at to chat about professional opportunities, trips, travel consulting and whatever else you might have in mind. I’m here for you!

“CrookedFlight” came from a pretty song by a humble artist with the lyrics, “We are all angels with one wing, we can fly, if we hold onto each other.” My travels would never be possible without the decency and love of the human race.

Here we go.

 Eileen at a castle in Wales


Eileen, Founder of CrookedFlight



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