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Please Adhere To Local Regulations When Traveling Currently In 2022. In Fact, I Urge You To Do Your Part By Staying Home Whenever Possible, Masking When Appropriate And Staying Socially Distanced. Avoid Recreational Travel (Unless You Can Get Vaccinated) To Keep Our Global Community Safe!

For most travelers and nature lovers, New Zealand happens to be a must-see destination. Most popular tours like New Zealand tours for seniors are also offered for travelers in their 50s, 60s and beyond! But planning a smart and wise trip to the other end of the world seems to be a tough task. However, for both group adventurers and solo explorers, New Zealand is a popular spot and it is a country that knows how to attract its visitors. If you are vising, see this blog post on choosing your tour in NZ.

Kiwi statue in front of water in new zealand

Considering the current pandemic state of the world, New Zealand has been a poster child for dealing with Covid-19. Thanks to its stringent measures at the border and early lockdown decision, it has been able to suppress the virus to a surprising level! This success also implies that it will most likely take quite a long time to welcome international visitors again.

Who can visit New Zealand right now?

For now, you have tough luck as the rules are straightforward in New Zealand. Apart from few exceptions for dependents, partners and emergency workers, only the citizens and residents of New Zealand, who have to wear masks such as an n95 mask, are being permitted into the country. So, if you’re planning to travel from another part of the world, you have to wait for a while to fulfill your dream as the world continues to battle COVID. But that doesn’t mean you can’t begin to do some research and plan for an upcoming adventure someday!

Any other travel into New Zealand has to be for critical reasons and permission need to be granted first. You will also need an ETA (electronic travel authorization) for New Zealand if you’re from any of the visa-waiver countries. You can check here for more information on NZ ETA, its purpose and when it was launched.

Mineral water pits in new Zealand

Avoid cultural bloopers and logistical mistakes: Tips to embrace

General safety and emergency in NZ

When set against other countries of the world, New Zealand is exceptionally secured. However, that doesn’t negate the application of general rules. Lock up all your valuables, try not to walk alone at night and ensure learning about the less-explored places. If you find yourself in an emergency, dial 111 to connect with the ambulance services, police or fire brigade.

Plan your trip for the seasons

For exploring the greenery and pristine beaches of NZ, the summer months are ideal. On the contrary, for those who are waiting to get a glimpse of the best skiing destinations of the country, like Mount Cook or Mount Ruapehu, winters are the ideal season. Autumn, on the other hand, gives you a splendid show of colorful foliage and can be quite tempting.

Avoid the months of spring as the weather remains too unstable and windy. In case you plan to visit NZ in the cooler months, invest in a windproof jacket as the chilling winds can take a toll on your health.

mountain range over water in new zealand

How to financially plan for New Zealand

Before kickstarting your trip, take a minute look at how the NZ dollar fares against your currency. Even though your currency is stronger, it is most likely that prices will move higher than you’re used to as this is the pitfall of being isolated geographically from the remaining part of the world. Hence, it is needless to say that whenever you buy a souvenir or think of grabbing a burger. Learn how to watch those pennies at

In case you’re saving money on food, choose your dining options watchfully or cook your own meals. Zomato will offer an idea of the money you may have to spend at a typical bar or café or restaurant. One more thing you have to remember is that the cheapest supermarket chain in New Zealand is Pak’nSave, though New World and Countdown also provide lucrative food offers.

P.S. Bartering is a no-no

Lastly, when you’re in NZ, never try to bargain over retail prices as you’re surely going to fail! New Zealand isn’t a country that is perfect for bartering – Period. Shop owners mark price as is and rarely will you find space for negotiation unless it’s an expensive purchase like a house or a car.

All of New Zealand is at Alert Level 1, which means the lowest level of restrictions are imposed. Nevertheless, face coverings are a must when you’re in public and social distancing should also be followed.

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