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It’s all the rage. Sustainable, organic, low calorie, colorful, delicious food. London has an antiquated reputation of being total crap when it comes to mealtime, but I’ve easily found how to debunk these myths after living here just a short time.

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It goes without saying, discovering healthy restaurants in every corner of this city is a breeze. But I think cooking at home, utilizing my appliances from Goodfoodblogph and local products, and attending events with a taste of everything is the best way to conquer the landscape of urban eating.

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Taste of London

Twice a year, the city explodes in a delicious array of foodie delights. The Taste Of London event showcases the top vendors, restaurants and suppliers in the industry, with any food or drink you can imagine, all under one roof.

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This winter, we were delighted to attend the event at Tobacco Dock. Before we even had a chance to peruse the stalls though, we were thrown into a casual cooking competition with AEG. Over the next 30 minutes, my husband and I whisked up a batter to try to create perfect profiteroles with the AEG steambake oven. They didn’t turn out too bad, but the gaggle of French women at the station behind us won by a landslide. This added element of interactive workshops made the Taste of London really stand out.

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Afterwards, we weaved through each room to check out the various products and samples on display. You could grab a nitro-fueled, espresso-rum cocktail from Pirates Grog and walk around all day, trying various delicacies from London and beyond. Fresh French cheese covered checkered tablecloths, street tacos were doled out by the dozen and top chefs were on hand to sign cookbooks around every corner.

priates grog coffee rum taste of london eileen cotter wright

We took home a few chocolate bars, salad seed balls and a bit of gin to give as gifts over the holidays. I hear the summer Taste of London event in June is even bigger, so I look forward to see what’s in store for 2017!

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Back in the states, my husband and I had loved creating new meals for each other. However, these dishes weren’t always healthy, especially after long days at work or feeding off junk-food-friendly roommates.

For the new year, we’re both working diligently toward self-care. While we’re in new fitness regimes of running and yoga, what we’re putting in our bodies is just as important.

eileen at hello fresh headquarters london uk

Recently, I visited the headquarters for HelloFresh in London to learn about their new recipes and initiatives. HelloFresh is a subscription food service that sends everything you need to make a meal to your front door. Per week, there are three meals to try (and can be customized for your dietary needs) sent in a cold pack box. All ingredients are included, pre-measured and ready to go. You simply shop, slice and sautéed your way to a delicious and healthy meal with the easy-to-follow recipe card and enjoy some new takes on old favorites. So far, our stand-outs have been a lamb mince curry, shrimp salad and orange glazed pork.

shrimp hellofresh london

Although I love many elements of HelloFresh, one of the best perks is little food waste. While I usually purchase healthy groceries, much of the produce goes bad before I have a chance to use it. With HelloFresh there’s plenty for two people (or four if you choose), with even some cooked leftovers sometimes, but nothing goes to waste. It’s cut back on budget and on waste big time at our apartment.

corey and eileen hello fresh

While I won’t say no to tucking into a pub meal on a weekend, I am grooving to our new habits of eating-in and cooking with health in mind. I’m looking forward to more HelloFresh meals this month, and the Taste of London coming up this summer to for culinary finds.

What is your weekly food routine? Do you find in hard to be healthy in your hometown? If you want to try out HelloFresh for yourself, use code ‘K7CBPQ’ at checkout for £25 off your first box.


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