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Flights are ready for two weeks in Thailand! But not a single other thing is planned. We could wandering from noodle food stall to food stall for two weeks as far as anything has been arranged for our thailand holidays. I like to get the flight in the books first though, then worry about the details later. Not to mention, I’m used to last-minute trip for work, so having several months to plan something feels like an insane luxury.

I am super tempted to keep the trip going and book Delhi to Bangkok flights, as India has been the place I want to experience for a long time. But I want to give a proper timeline to each place I visit, so I can really immerse in the destination and hopefully learn a bit about my new surroundings in a respectful way.

Destination: Bangkok

People say you only need a couple days in this swirling city. That’s probably because of the over-stimulation of sound, sights and smells a la the Hangover 2. But that doesn’t deter me from wanting to splash out in Bangkok and get a feel for such a mysterious metropolis. I’m keen to get up early and head to the Chatuchak Weekend Market for all it’s chaos and vintage finds. I also simply want to be brave and order some noodles on the street – but maybe with a guide to show us around. I love finding local bloggers in Bangkok to give some hints though.

Onto Chiang Mai: Digital Nomads Paradise

Somewhat off the beaten path, Chiang Mai offers several alluring aspects I want to see first-hand. I know for instance tons of freelancers and bloggers live in this part of Thailand, due to housing costs and the community offerings. It might be fun to try a co-working day in a brand new place. On the other hand, life is slower paced in Chiang Mai and it might be nice to escape the big city for a few days. Maybe there I can get my fill of Buddhist temples and perhaps join a few yoga classes.

A Little Island-time in Phuket

boat near phuket thailand

Really, who doesn’t want to sit on the beach all day? Thailand is famous for some of it’s incredible islands – a few of which are still a bit off e grid and worth exploring. It may be wise to read guides such as the best way to get to phi phi island.

The husband X has had Phuket on the brain though, which is covered in beautiful beaches and surrounded by epic marine life. But I’ve been doing some research and hear other nearby islands are just as spectacular without all the hype. Koh Tao is a favorite among local expats for scuba diving (think it’s time to get certified?!). While the duo of Ko Phi-Phi islands offers nightlife and seclusion in two special spots. I’ve also love this guide about things to do on Koh Kood that makes the island look unmissable on our trip!

To organize myself a bit, I’ve considered using TripHobo to help plan out the details of Thailand. You can build itineraries right in the site and be good to go in no time.

Have you been to Thailand? What do I have to see there? What can we skip? Connect with me on Instagram and I’ll be posting trips to Lisbon, Romania, the US and of course Thailand in the near future!


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