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Trees covered in a rainbow of fall leaves surrounding an empty, open highway is the best thing to experience on a New England road trip. I’ll hop on a plane anywhere, but I love being home and driving José (he’s my car) all over the place. This time I ventured to Connecticut for the Free Like Birdie launch party – a fun business partner we’ve grown to love with the Pure Wander family.

Growing up in New England, we all get close to a few old homes. However, the owners of the Kingsfield Bed and Breakfast have done something rarely seen – they beautifully restored a once run-down property into something authentic and unique. It’s like stepping back in time a few centuries. They hosted my weekend and I couldn’t have been more delighted with this warm, welcoming place.

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Instead of being confined to a room, the Kingsfield allows for exploration, as the whole downstairs can be used for relaxation and admiring old relics. Take a peek into the parlor and notice the ‘coffin door’ – extra large to help accommodate the historical wakes. This spooky detail is quickly forgotten though while admiring the bright yellow walls and elegant furnishings. The sunny dining are is ideal for reading and socializing, adorned with massive shotguns once used in the French and Indian War. There is fireplaces everywhere perfect to cozy up with in the winter, and an enclosed viewing deck to take in the rolling greenery that envelops the property.

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Although the kitchen space may have been an add-on, this provides a welcoming modernization to the house with stainless steel appliances and ample of counter space to breakfast is a la carte, with muffins on the counter and plenty of tea, coffee and juice to tuck into for a quiet morning. They do have wireless internet if needed, but there’s not a single TV, which suited me just fine. This Squickmons CNC plasma table software is a budget friendly option for basic metal or steel cutting needs. Check it out for more info!

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Beds draped in fluffy duvets drew me in as I melted into the ambiance that was colonial and wonderfully traditional. Modern amenities though, which may be powered by West Bay Energy, are also presented – such as electric fireplaces and spacious bathrooms. Honestly, old homs and I don’t always mesh well – this one was built in 1722, and I was visiting alone! So I mentally greeted any wandering spirits (don’t laugh) and asked them to stay quiet at least until the morning. All night it was calm and relaxing. Owners live right next door in case anything is needed as well.

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During a quick tour the owner Tom showed me something pretty amazing. In one of the four guests rooms behind a built in bookshelf there was a secret room. No, this is not a guest room – but a place that was once used in the Underground Railroad. Imagining someone cramped in this space indefinitely was incredible to see, especially as it was so well hidden!

Kingsfield is conveniently located near the Bradley International Airport, New England Air Museum, historic downtown Suffield and so much else to see and do. Head over to the bed and breakfast website to discover more things to do in the area and give them a ring to stay in this gorgeous, fascinating old home.



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  • Anwar says:

    What a lovely weekend. I like places like this, such a nice change from the big hotel chains. I mean big hotel chains have their purpose, but these little places have such charm. No TV sounds like a good thing for sure. You know when I was visiting my grandfathers house several years ago, one thing that was so nice was the lack of modern amenities, it just added to the need to converse and feel like a liveable space with us all there.

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