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With so much to experience in this plucky peninsula of Wisconsin, I barely that time to squeeze in all the highlights. It was such a fun, sunny and delicious trip – my first time in the Midwest, really. I tried to have zero expectations of what I might find there, and was pleasantly surprised around every corner. I’d certainly go back for the lakeside activities, hearty cuisine and thriving creative scene. Let’s get right to it!

Door County Wisconsin sign artisan cheese

Door County Highlights

Country House Resort

Hands down the best place to stay in Door County, Wisconsin. This beautiful, family-run resort has all the tranquility you’ll need for a relaxing getaway in a perfect central location. The rooms are expansive with views of the water and trees. The essentials and a little something extra are in many of the spaces – from kitchenettes and luxe toiletries to lofted king-sized beds and fireplaces. This Wisconsin Resort is also a few minutes down to the shores of a lake if you want to go for a dip or a boat ride. Country House Resort outdoors trail door county wisconsin

Free Door County Bike Loans

Grab bikes, unchained in various parts of town. Amazing right? Just take good care of it and return it to the rack by the end of the day.

But once you hit towns, ditch the car and get on two wheels!

free bikes Door County Wisconsin

Open Door Bird Sanctuary

Wildlife needs to be protect everywhere in America, and the Open Door Bird Sanctuary is doing their part to help out. As executive director, Rob Hults is in charge of this project that both protects and rehabilitates birds in the local area – and worldwide. they have a large wooded property with several homes for the birds on site, and work hard to educate the local community and guests about their efforts.

OPen Door Bird Sanctuary door county wisconsin

What makes these guys special is their obvious passion about the conservation efforts and technique of training, as they never force the birds to perform or do anything they don’t want to do. They hope to expand in the near future and finalize plans for a more permanent solution long-term to care for the birds of prey.

Kayaking at Peninsula State Park

Who knew that Lake Michigan was so beautiful? Especially Green Bay, which I’d almost say rivals some ocean views I’ve seen all over the world. I’m a seaside fan through and though, but this place would almost convert me over to being a lake girl. I loved kayaking the bay as the water was bright blue and we could glide along the glassy surface with ease. Little inlets full of smooth stones were great spots for a quick break in the sun.

peninsula state park kayaking Door County Wisconsin

Learn a Little in Door County

Door County Coffee

Of all the stuff I thought I’d find in Door County, no offense, coffee was not one of them, Especially as I’m a huge European snob now and am hard pressed to find coffee strong enough for my tastes. But little did I know that Door County coffee is actually, in it’s purest form, sourcing the best beans worldwide that pass a very strict set of rules to be used in their blends. I learned all about it at Coffee Academy with the amazing owner Vicki. After a giant breakfast complete with all the iced coffee I could drink, Vicki came over and gave me a few espresso beans on the sly to try as well – and they were PERFECT. Get the ‘kitchen sink‘ for your meal too, you’ll thank me later.

door county coffee iced coffee

Martime Museum Door County

While the museum itself is a fun step back in time, I really loved touring the John Purves tugboat outside. It dates back to 1919 and has gone all over the world to be donated and docked in Door County for tours and tale abound.

Door County Wisconsin maritime museum

Door County Trolley Tour

Getting acclimated to the area is easy when you take a trolley. These trolley/bus tours offer a narrated look into the county’s prettiest bluffs and scenic parks. I personally learned too late that the trolley tour is ‘roadie’ friendly, so you can take a bloody mary or glass of wine with you. Next time!

Door county trolley tour wisconsin

Where to Eat in Door County

Lautenbach’s Orchard County Winery & Market

Grab a handful of local cherries and head out to the range to test your luck at the Cherry Pit Spit. Afterwards, enjoy a tour of the vineyards and orchards before grabbing a few tasters and souvenirs back in the expansive farm-style shop.

barn Lautenbach's Orchard Country Winery & Market door county wisconsin

Barringer’s Restaurant

Don’t miss the chance to order a-la-carte from this place and try to sit upstairs as the sun goes down. Chow on perfect steaks that go best with the truffle and parmesan fries.

barringers door county wisconsin

Chives Restaurant (& cocktails)

Bring on the cherries – I celebrated my arrival with a cherry-infused cocktails with away at Chives. Take a peek at their kitchen window – it looks like an old library.

cherry cocktail chives restaurant door county wisconsin

Door Artisan Cheese

All the cheese curds! As soon as I touched down in the Midwest I knew I wanted me some cheese curds as soon as possible. So I even luckier to stumble on some of the best in the county at this newcomer to the Wisconsin cheese world. Owners have classically trained in many of the Italian and French styles of cheese making, so they offer many varieties fresh from their aging rooms in the cool stoned caves under the store.

Door Artisan cheese Door County Wisconsin

Glacier Ledge Restaurant

This is adjacent to the cheese shop and serves up beautiful Lebanese fare – unique to this area and completely delicious.

Door County Wisconsin Glacier Ledge restaurant

Door County Brewing Co.

Dad John McMahon was discouraged when his grown sons wanted to move away from Door County to find love and careers after their graduation. So in cahoots with his wife, he decided to start a brewing company in hopes to tempt the sons back with great jobs in the family business. it worked! They are now expanding into a massive building, complete with live music stages, bars and more to bring the area’s nightlife and local brews to the next level.

door county brewing co stage Door County Wisconsin

Fred & Fuzzy’s

Sip cherry margaritas on the shores of Lake Michigan at this iconic establishment. Those drinks go down easy with all the fresh seafood on the menu.

Fred and Fuzzy's Door County Wisconsin

Door County Confectionery

They have a giant bathtub full of salt water taffy. That is all.

Door County Confectionery Wisconsin

Wilson’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlour

I’ll forever remember my first FRIED cheese curd experience was held at Wilson’s. It’s made even more memorable by the giant cherry-covered ice cream sundae I had at the end. Don’t judge me.

wilson's Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlour door county wisconsin

Greens N Grains

Time to cleanse out all the cheese and ice cream with a trip to Door County’s premiere vegan-and-vegetarian-friendly cafe and health shop. I had some of the best breakfast all week at Greens n Grains – a stack of vegan blueberry pancakes and a iced chai latte.

vegan meal greens n grains Door County Wisconsin

Artist Havens in Door County

Birch Creek Performance Center

Crazy talented kids and their instructors spend summers at this property to learn all about the art of sound. many travel from all over the world, and use their traditional instruments and sounds to put on one-of-a-kind performances for the public.

Birch Creek Music Performance Center Door County Wisconsin

Peninsula Players Theatre

You might feel like you’re driving forever, but it’s well worth the detour to see a play at this multi-million dollar complex hidden in the woods. They often write their own plays and its performed by world-renowned talent. The theater space itself is beautiful and airy, but the highlight is intermission, when bonfires roar on the banks of Lake Michigan as the sun starts to set. Have a cool glass of wine and watch the magic.

Peninsula Players Theatre in the Garden on Lake Michigan Fish creek sunset door county Wisconsin

Margaret Lockwood Gallery

Margaret and her husband have set up camp in Door County and plan to stay. Their house is both a home and a gallery that is open to the public. Margaret’s artwork is dream-like and colorful, highlighting natural landscapes on various materials, from wood to canvas.

margaret lockwood gallery buidling Door County Wisconsin

Have you been to Wisconsin? What’s your favorite part of the Midwest?


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