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When my friends and I have gotten over gushing about the typical European cities we love, one other city almost always comes into conversation.


The Czech Republic boasts one of the most picturesque European cities around. All I hear about is how stunning the architecture, craft beer and history is swirling around this beautiful part of Eastern Europe. Through advice and tips from fellow travellers, I’ve been gathering a list of all the great things I want to experience on my own trip to Prague in the future.

Local Markets

Pick up everything from tasty eats to unique souvenirs at the outdoor markets throughout Prague. The best are said to be in Old Town at the Wenceslas Square, especially during Easter and Christmas holidays. This is the ideal spot to sample some of those local snacks, like sugary and nutty dough sticks called trdelniks. Every other Saturday is a big flea market in Republic Square too, for wallet-friendly finds and one-of-a-kind goods.

making via flickr by siamese-dreams

Old Town Hall Clock

It’s iconic and can be found right in the middle of all the action in Prague. The beautiful, intricate clock tower chimes tirelessly on the hour, every hour while overlooking the square. While the original was mounted in the 1400s, later in the 1800s several pieces were added, including the 12 apostles that seemly walk across the face of the clock.

John Lennon Wall

Street art is my jam – I love hunting down the best murals in cities I explore, including everywhere from Miami to Colombo. Prague has its fair share of outside art too, including the famous John Lennon Wall. What was once a symbol of communism is now an inspiration homage to art, love and creativity that pulses through the city.

john lennon wall prague via flickr by David Ramos

Prague Palace

It seems well worth the hike up the hill to gaze closely upon this magnificent medieval castle – the biggest in Europe. It towers above the city skyline and has some beautiful grounds to stroll around. I’d love to go inside for a tour and see the entire complex full of great halls, viewing towers and an elegant cathedral. There is also the Golden Lane, which shows a row of period homes lovingly maintained from the 15th century.

Nota Bene

I’m not a huge beer drinker, but I would definitely make an exception when visiting Prague. There are not only so many bars that carry amazing, local craft varieties but most restaurants also feature the best brews on tap. I’d like to tuck into a meal and a pint at Nota Bene, which is best known for its hearty dishes and even heartier drinks. The staff is well informed about more than a dozen beers on tap that pair well with everything from their homemade cheesecake to pork cheek tasters.

beer in prague via flickr by andy powell

Charles Bridge

When walking around Prague at night, venturing across the Charles Bridge may afford some of the most spectacular views of the city. Dating back to the 1300s, its Gothic design stands out when lit up in the evening. Many performers and artists love to hawk their wares along the bridge as well, as it’s a pedestrian-only walkway.


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