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The Gift Guide for Fitness and Feeling Good

This has been the year of doing things that make me feel GOOD. While many think 2016 was a big pile of garbage (me included), I tried to take this time to reflect, work on my outward self and start tuning into really what has been going on in my mind. Has it been easy? No way. It’s been the hardest year of my life. Despite setbacks, I’m going to make sure I turn the end of this year into a celebration. To honor all the big changes, difficult days…

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Finding Tranquility in Slovenia

big berry camp day bed slovenia eileen cotter wright

It was so, so time to escape the city. London summers are often chock-full of restaurant pop-ups, festivals and special events to celebrate the two seconds of warm weather. But when it is hot, it can get oppressive and miserable. When Big Berry invited us out to try some glamping in beautiful Slovenia, we jumped at the opportunity. We couldn’t wait to take a long weekend away and indulge in some natural beauty by traveling to Slovenia. Big Berry lies on a beautiful river an hour or so from the…

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A New Perspective: Fear, Anxiety and A Tiny Hope

sunset duxbury massachusetts eileen cotter wright

I really didn’t want to write this one. I also didn’t want to wait until a good day came along. It’s happening now, so now it’s time to talk. About three months ago, my world changed. I was about board a plane to Sri Lanka, hanging out by the terminal. All of a sudden, my thoughts went into overdrive. I was imagining the plane crashing, terrible things happening, being trapped in a tin can for hours. The airport started spinning. I couldn’t breathe. Then all I could think was, I’m…

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Sri Lanka: A Lucid Dream I Didn’t Want to End

elephant in tall grass sri lanka by eileen cotter wright

My mother always told me to always wear a seat belt. So when the tuk-tuk driver named Yogi urged me to hold onto a metal bar and stick my head out the top of his glorified motorbike on three wheels, I was less than thrilled. But I had a cold Lion beer in hand, Backstreet Boys blaring on the primitive sound system and wind whipping through my hair on a balmy 90-degree day. Everything else was just about perfect, so why not throw a little caution to the wind?  …

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That Time I Lost My Mind Over Icelandic Horses

girl with hat feeding Icelandic horses in iceland

I lost my damn mind in Iceland. Not only was the scenery like landing on another planet, everything tasted new, people were striking and Reykjavik presented itself at a city of the future. Heading to south Iceland The southern part of Route 1, even in the winter, is especially incredible. Head from the capital city to the town of Vik, which takes a couple hours. However, you’re going to want to leave a lot more time than that, because there’s countless things to see along the main drag. Much of…

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Scared to Fly? Me Too. Here’s Some Tips.

palm beach florida by eileen cotter wright

For thirty years on this planet, I never had a real panic attack. Then one time I was taking a short flight from England to Portugal last October and my breath became short. This dread of ‘this is the end’ swept over me uncontrollably for a few minutes as I felt the plane cabin close in around me. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Seemingly, it was official: I was scared to fly. What a horrible and helpless thing to feel on a flight. I can only imagine what it’s…

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Travel Local: A Road Trip to Cornwall

Merlins cave near tintagel castle in cornwall england

Of course, the grass is always greener, right? I can’t tell you how many local Londoners I’ve spoken to who haven’t done much traveling inside of England. It makes sense – there’s large parts of the U.S. I haven’t explored either. Partly I guess because it’s my home country and I think the opportunity will always be available. The other part is I want to see other places rather than explore domestically. But now that we’ve moved to the UK, everything is new again. Although I visited London a few…

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: A Traveler’s Gift Guide

Eileen Cotter Wright in New Orelans at Christmastime

Jabra Sports Coach Wireless Headset My iPhone earbuds just are not cutting it these days. If I’m on the plane or simply walking through London parks in the afternoon, I grew tired of constantly adjusting them and having buds fall out of my ears. I also have a few New Year goals about getting more active and exploring every neighborhood in London. These Jabra Sports Coach earbuds have been a game changer. Not only are they wireless, Bluetooth compatible and easy to wear, they are equipped with incredible Dolby sound…

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10 Modern Travel Songs to Inspire Wanderlust

red rock amphitheatre by David Fulmer via Flickr

If I knew half the stuff I used to know about music when I was a DJ in college, I’d be one really cool 30-year-old. My tastes are somewhat stuck in the early 2000s, but those are where my first real memories of adventure and began. I used to write this travel blog with a song at the end of every post in the early days. These are all travel songs that mean something profound, whether they literally talk about skipping town or simply remind me of a favorite place to…

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Bucharest, Romania: No Bullshit.

Parliament Palace in Bucharest, Romania

Club music that was popular ten years ago pulsed off the brick basement walls. In one corner was a flaming, sparking tower of glasses set on fire by Jägermeister, the other was covered in artwork strangely depicting Hitler. Young women danced in groups in the dark, but so did gaggles of men fist pumping and shaking their hips just as enthusiastically. Smoke filled the air, unfiltered and unapologetic. It is 4AM and I am in an Eastern European nightclub as it pissed down rain just outside the heavy metal doors….

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