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Learning How to Shop Vintage on the North Shore

Vintage Shop - CrookedFlight

To really get my local on, I drove all the way through Boston up to the North Shore, stopping in Salisbury. Last weekend the Vintage Baazar hosted a lovely brunch (with even lovelier booze and food) to kick off their weekend of great finds and rare commodities. More than 140 vendors gathered at the the flower and landscape-centered Pettengill Farm to trade and sell wares. It would have super easy to outfit my entire home just this weekend – so many incredible handmade furniture pieces, decorative accouterments, clothes, children’s items like this…

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Jake’s Whirlwind Block Island Tour Part Two: Surprises and the Sea

C/o Anthony Cannistra (Flickr)

After checking in at the Hotel Manisses we decided to go and see if there was anything left of the wine and hors d’oeuvre hour a short walk up the street at the 1661 Inn. Stepping out the back door to walk up the hill towards the inn we came across, a giant turkey – no, that’s not right, it had to be something that escaped from a Doctor Seuss book I think, or maybe some sort of strange mutated creature only known to this island.  Obviously I’m wrong, and it’s…

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Jake’s Whirlwind Block Island Tour Part One: Hotel Manisses

C/o Don & Suzan, Flickr

Jake’s back for a couple of posts about beautiful Block Island off the coast of Rhode Island, where there is a little something for everyone and incredible views year-round. Stepping off the ferry from Point Judith, Rhode Island onto Block Island, I see a cab driver and ask him where I can find “Hotel Manassas”. He quickly points out that it is “man-i-sees” – duh, this 7 mile island is definitely not where two civil war battles were fought (Bull Run to us Northerners). Fortunately, in spite of my bad…

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Finding a Cozy Place to People Watch in Manhattan

As soon as I hit New York City I usually hole up in the hotel for hours. It’s awful, but it can get pretty overwhelming when you’re out wandering the streets looking for a place to park your rear. Doesn’t matter if it’s for a cocktail, to open your laptop or have a cup of coffee – it can seem a bit cliquey and crazy to the everyday wanderer. This week I headed to Manhattan to prove the anxiety-driven explorers wrong – there is a couple of spots left to…

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Animal Appeals and Spa Deals in Sanibel Island, Florida

Who doesn’t get excited about dolphins?! I squealed right alongside the kids when about a half dozen leaped and bounded alongside the boat. The Capitan insisted our screeching and whistling helped encourage the jumping, but I think he just delighted in seeing the little ones lose their minds. There’s so many wild creatures that call the islands around Sanibel home that I encountered new ones every day. These days being on the road usually means work. But the trip to Sanibel Island was going to be best of both worlds…

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Jake at the new Cafe Esplanade in Boston, MA

This is Jake’s blogging debut, but he’s certainly not new to writing. He’s interested in the ongoings around Boston and likes to find out people’s stories, especially when it has to do with local food. Recently he checked out the newly renovated Cafe Esplanade and found it was easy to while away the hours in the Back Bay. Separating the city of Boston from the city of Cambridge, the glistening waters of the Charles River gives the perfect view for a delicious meal here at the Cafe Esplanade. If you’re looking…

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Shauna & Family at North Padre Island, Texas

Shauna is my other half of the dynamic duo that makes up PureWander, which will be launching this fall. Recently she and her family road tripped to North Padre Island in Texas and had a wild time. She’s guest posting this week while I carry on procrastinating. Ahem. We are moving from Texas to Colorado. There was only few days from when we left our house until we needed to be on the road, so we decided to take a mini-vacation. After almost 5 months in Texas, this New England…

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Losing Control and Loving it at Chocolate Therapy

You can live in an area for 20 years and still not scratch the surface when it comes to adventure. When I have down time in between trips, I love to explore the greater Boston area. It’s easy to take your hometown for granted, so I do my best to appreciate my surroundings. When I received the complimentary opportunity through Boston Brunchers to make some chocolate Framingham, I jumped for joy. It had been an insane week so any sort of escape was very welcome. But this was not any…

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A presidential meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas

History? Politics? I could pass. But I’m so glad I didn’t while in Little Rock, especially when I checked out the William J. Clinton Presidential Center. It stands gleaming on the banks of the Arkansas River and provides a beautiful place to learn more about this democratic president and his rise to become leader of the free world. Not to mention, the upper floor is actually where Clinton and his family stay when he’s back in his home state, as it’s a cozy apartment just for Bill. Oh hey there….

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