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2016:  The Year of Saving Money and Traveling

Small village church near Loule, Portugal in the Algarve by Eileen Cotter Wright

You must think I’m kidding. How can I possibly have a year of saving cash while also enjoying my job and free time as a traveler? It’s one of my biggest goals for the coming year. Alongside my Skillshare class about content organization, I’m working my buns off to maintain an exciting calendar of trips while hopefully ramping up my presence as a travel pro. It’s a thrilling time and I honestly can’t wait to get back into the groove after taking a few weeks off to visit family in…

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: A Traveler’s Gift Guide

Eileen Cotter Wright in New Orelans at Christmastime

Jabra Sports Coach Wireless Headset My iPhone earbuds just are not cutting it these days. If I’m on the plane or simply walking through London parks in the afternoon, I grew tired of constantly adjusting them and having buds fall out of my ears. I also have a few New Year goals about getting more active and exploring every neighborhood in London. These Jabra Sports Coach earbuds have been a game changer. Not only are they wireless, Bluetooth compatible and easy to wear, they are equipped with incredible Dolby sound…

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10 Modern Travel Songs to Inspire Wanderlust

red rock amphitheatre by David Fulmer via Flickr

If I knew half the stuff I used to know about music when I was a DJ in college, I’d be one really cool 30-year-old. My tastes are somewhat stuck in the early 2000s, but those are where my first real memories of adventure and began. I used to write this travel blog with a song at the end of every post in the early days. These are all travel songs that mean something profound, whether they literally talk about skipping town or simply remind me of a favorite place to…

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A Love Letter to Jose

This has been in my drafts for a long time. Now seems like the perfect moment to finally share. The first love of my life was Jose. We found each other when I was 22-years old. Fresh out of college, I felt excited about the future. Although I had to temporarily move back home, I couldn’t wait to get the first taste of freedom and being on my own. We first met at a firefighter’s home in the backyard. He was quiet and standing off to a corner as I…

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What I’ll Miss Most About Boston

You never know truly what you have until it’s gone, right? The countdown to our overseas move is now only days away, so I find myself soaking up every detail in my hometown. Although I’ve done brief stints in places like Western New York and Spain, I always return to Boston. There’s a few years in London looming ahead of me now that will be a whole new adventure, but I’m pretty positive we’ll be back someday to put roots down on the East Coast, if not right in Boston’s…

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Drinking A True Colorado Wine At The Gateway Of The Rockies

Try wine in Colorado - photo Courtesy of Estes Park

Wine is fabulous. I love wine that’s why I made sure to have a perfect wine cooler. I’m not afraid to say it. I’d swim in a bottle of red if it wasn’t weird and expensive to do. I’m particularly fond of pinot noir, but I’m always up for trying a new bottle. On my most recent getaway to Estes Park, Colorado, I got the chance to try some new grapes from a pretty spectacular little place called Snowy Peaks Winery. I tried all the grapes. I was confused when…

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Top 5 Ways to Survive the Rest of Boston’s Winter

boston blizzard, boston winter, snow in boston

Are we seriously still talking about all this snow? I’ve never been over inclement weather more in my life. I feel like I have no right to complain though – sure this is extraordinary, but it is New England. If I wanted palm trees every day I would’ve moved to Miami. But here I am, no end to this horrible mess in sight. A couple years ago a lamented about one bad storm we had. How naive I was. But, we soldier on, right? We’re a resilient city. I’ve compiled…

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A Big List of Incredible Eats in Louisiana

alligator bites in new orleans lousiana

With influences from all over the world fused into their food, Louisiana has a special place to brag when it comes to culinary artistry. They have beautifully combined the soul of Creole, Cajun, French, American Southern, West African, Spanish…well really, there’s traces of everyone in all the dishes. Flavors and spices are married in rich sauces and new-to-me meats, concluded with unbelievably decadent desserts at every meal. Before I ventured there I had no idea how diverse and rich the cuisine would be – not to mention how foreign it…

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Miami Ate Us Alive: The Crazy Second Half of Bach Madness

A disclaimer. This is not my usual sugar-sweet story. Shit got real in Miami. You’ve been warned. Taking a limo from Fort Lauderdale to “Bachelorette Party: Miami” was a breeze. There, we knew the difference between bubbler vs bong. I didn’t get a peek at Ocean Drive yet, but it did bring us right to The Shore Club’s front door for the second round of boozing and sun worshipping. Although I thought the W was a little more elevated in its updates, it was clear that The Shore Club had a…

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Smack Dab in the Middle of Texas, Part Three: History & the Kitchen Sink

When this mini-series was started, I thought Texas might be my last stop on a line of trips I had been taking, so there’d be a slew of time to really dig into it. Wrong. But I still want to do it proper justice and wrap this up right. Fredericksburg has a big German history. Apparently a ton of German settlers made their way to Texas in the 1800s and left their mark. This might be the best tour guide ever, and of course I can’t remember his name. He brought us through the Lyndon B. Johnson ranch, complete…

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