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Thoughts on Travel and New Years Resolutions

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I know: why am I talking about resolutions in August? Now is the perfect time to talk about these goals – because let’s be honest, most of us have forgotten them. I certainly have. My resolutions tend to be more all-encompassing than specific. I wished for happiness, my loved one’s happiness and the drive to constantly keep learning. It wasn’t always like that though. Eye on the Prize A long time ago I wrote a list of 100 goals to accomplish in two and a half years. It felt silly…

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London Expat Living: A Look at TV in the UK

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Christian steps in today to give his thoughts on London Expat living – particularly the TV situation! I’m constantly being asked, either at work or by family and friends, if I’ve seen the latest episode of something – or if I’ve started watching some cool new series.  It’s important – not only for entertainment – but because it can help you stay in-sync with events back home.  For example, I get my US political news from John Oliver! As an expat, trying to maintain this link to your homeland can…

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Top 5 Go-To London Expat Tech Essentials

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I’m always on the grid – almost to a fault! Personally, I think it’s easier than ever to choose the expat life, at least when it comes to communication back home. Expats now can video call, fly home or even order gift for loved ones abroad in a blink of an eye. It’s fantastic. It’s made adventuring and relocating all the easier. Here’s what I use to keep in touch and work from almost any locale. Lenovo Yoga Laptop   My lifeblood is my laptop, hands down. It’s my main…

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A Night Out in Clapham South: The Avalon

There’s nothing I can’t stand more than being stuck in the house on a rainy or overcast day as a London expat. It sets the mood for the week on how I feel and how productive I can be (read: not at all). When there’s any excuse to escape and do something out of the routine on a weekday, I’m all about it. A perk about living in a busy part of South London is the plethora of choices for places to eat. I can practically feel like I’m eating…

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Parks, Paintball and Pedal-Powered Tours: Outdoor Activities in London

Despite the occasional occurrence of winter-like weather, the chilly season is behind us expats and Londoners, and it’s time to embrace springtime. With such an abundance of sights and attractions, London is a goldmine for outdoor activities – from bike tours to paintball – the capital is your oyster. While London most definitely has a certain sense of charm during winter, it’s safe to say that the warmth of spring and the opportunity to enjoy London’s diverse outdoor activities is very much welcome. You may prefer to keep it simple…

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Supporting Ethical Brands in the UK: The Decathlon Scavenger Hunt

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In 24 hours I was leaving to try skiing for the first time in the Alps. All my gear was in the states and I was woefully unprepared for the conditions that ay head of me in Chamonix, France. Friends in London had told me to go straight to Decathlon – I could find everything from ski jackets and thermals to gloves, hats and even sunblock there. Off I went and for under 100 pounds (crazy!) I had everything I needed for the big winter adventure. My WED’ZE ski jacket…

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Time for a #TasteofCatalonia!

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My awareness of wine is dismal. Although it’s slightly improved over the last decade (mostly because my budget helps me avoid the hooch) I still am stupidly new at various blends and qualities. In fact, last time I was in the Catalonia region of Spain, my then-boyfriend-now-husband and I only visited the Freixenet cava factory. While fun for new fans of the sparkling stuff, we definitely missed out on tons of other amazing wineries. And seven years later, so many more are earning awards, getting organic certified and offering variety throughout…

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Having the Perfect House Date: The Expat Move and Apartment Hunt

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What the very first thing every expat must handle when they move abroad? Figuring out where the hell to live. I vividly remember the first six weeks my husband and I lived in London. We found an Airbnb to crash at in Battersea that was fine, but the size of a closet. The apartment might as well have been on the moon, because it took forever to acclimate where I was. Who knew what a Battersea was, and why was the walk to Clapham so far? Where’s Big Ben, and…

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Confession of an Expat Hypochondriac

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Something subtle always pushed me into action. Maybe a little pain in my abdomen, a short period of not feeling hungry or maybe just a never ending cold. I’d fly over to Google and start searching what was wrong. Was it cancer?! Oh no, do I have a debilitating thyroid problem? No, it has to be an allergy. A life-threatening allergy that will leave me bedridden in a couple days. I know everyone goes down the internet rabbit hole when it comes to Googling your symptoms sometimes. But when my…

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Tips for Adjusting to Short-Term Expat Living

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Moving to a giant city was a crazy adjustment. Boston is beautiful, but has a very small-town feel if you ask me – I felt like I knew everything and everything there. London’s neighborhoods are so vast and different, it can get overwhelming at times. In fact, it’s made me appreciate the outdoors a lot more and those moments we get to escape the bustling city life. Sometimes it gets so crazy in London, I’m ready to move off the grid and live a bit simpler. Wouldn’t be great to…

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