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5 Types of Unique Safari Tours in Tanzania

Although many people may never have thought of visiting Tanzania on holiday, anyone who takes the plunge and comes to this beautiful destination will discover that it is an exotic and exciting place to experience a thrilling safari adventure for which we recommend this thermal binoculars. Want to know a bit more about Africa on whole? Here’s a great list of African countries, maps and more. The safari vacation is one of the most popular types of holiday, and is a bucket list experience for many. Anyone who is planning…

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Why Education for Girls Matters in Morocco

After bumping along a dirt road mile away from Marrakech, Morocco, all I wanted was a cold bottle of water. We had enjoyed an indulgent stay at the Kasbah du Toukal the night before in the Atlas Mountains and were on our way back into the city. Although I was ready to tuck into the next riad for a mint tea and nap, we have a very important stop to make first. In the hills of rural Morocco is a small groups of schools, just for girls. An initiative called…

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Dream Destination: Cape Verde

cape verde four wheel on beach via flickr

As I technically live on an island now, I’m totally digging trips to fellow floating destinations. Of course England and the UK isn’t exactly on par with tropical, sunny islands, but I can pretend, right? Anyways, after spending a lot of time in the Caribbean a few summers ago, I’ve been itching to check out some new island hotspots, such as the Azores, Tenerife and the Greek islands. But one really sticks out to me above the rest – Cape Verde. This 10-island archipelago is a little out there but…

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4 Things Every Flight Attendant Wants You To Know

wing of plane vintage style flying via pexels-photo-59519

My good friend (& London neighbor!) Corey from Learning Patience is one of those people who can strike up a chat with anyone. Below is her post on how she used her magic gabbing powers to get some insider tips about the secret lives of flight attendants! PS, today is her birthday, so go wish her well!   I’m one of those crazy people that loves flying. I think it’s the thrill of heading into uncharted areas of the globe, experiencing new things and creating memories that will last a…

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Where else can I find you online talking about travel?

Although I’m lacking in sleep, my time in Texas has been absolutely fantastic. It’s true what they say though – most of Texas wine is drunk in state, and I am certainly the one drinking it all. I can’t keep up, there’s so many delicious varieties! Besides wine, there’s art galleries, Texas nouveau cuisine, cozy accommodations and really, truly, the friendliest people I’ve ever met. But that’s all I can say for now, because our days are jam packed with things to do! I’m on call in 20 minutes and haven’t showered yet! While…

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