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Why I’m So Ready for a Cruise

thomson cruise ship via thomson

Nothing puts me more in a mood to plan a trip than rain. As the water pours down in the UK on these early days of summer, I’d love nothing more than to relax in the sun somewhere. Luckily, the rest of Europe is easily accessible; it won’t take long at all to head south to calmer skies. What better way to take a break than a cruise? I know tons of family and friends who just can’t get enough of cruising as it can offer the best perks of…

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4 Things Every Flight Attendant Wants You To Know

wing of plane vintage style flying via pexels-photo-59519

My good friend (& London neighbor!) Corey from Learning Patience is one of those people who can strike up a chat with anyone. Below is her post on how she used her magic gabbing powers to get some insider tips about the secret lives of flight attendants! PS, today is her birthday, so go wish her well!   I’m one of those crazy people that loves flying. I think it’s the thrill of heading into uncharted areas of the globe, experiencing new things and creating memories that will last a…

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A Guide to Drinking in the UK – At Home

bottle of most wanted wine malbec in front of map of south america

I haven’t done a proper pub crawl in London yet, but I do love the cozy dive down the common. Although a few cocktails have impressed be at some swanky lounges, I also have kept my liquors limited while ‘out on the lash’. I certainly have taken advantage of all those beautiful happy hours deals though. However, when it’s damp and gross out during this long English winter, I like to simply wrap my hands around a pint or a stemmy wine glass right at home. Fortunately, the alcohol in…

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A $150 date in London


My husband (X) and I have been together since dinosaurs roamed the earth. A few years ago we had a period where it was tough to come up with new date ideas in the suburbs that were interesting and wouldn’t break the bank. But with the past six months living in London, we’re almost never for wanting when it comes to exciting things to do together. The only thing suffering is our bank accounts. Good thing we have savings in other credit union rexburg bank that will not suffer from…

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Scared to Fly? Me Too. Here’s Some Tips.

palm beach florida by eileen cotter wright

For thirty years on this planet, I never had a real panic attack. Then one time I was taking a short flight from England to Portugal last October and my breath became short. This dread of ‘this is the end’ swept over me uncontrollably for a few minutes as I felt the plane cabin close in around me. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Seemingly, it was official: I was scared to fly. What a horrible and helpless thing to feel on a flight. I can only imagine what it’s…

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Travel Local: A Road Trip to Cornwall

Merlins cave near tintagel castle in cornwall england

Of course, the grass is always greener, right? I can’t tell you how many local Londoners I’ve spoken to who haven’t done much traveling inside of England. It makes sense – there’s large parts of the U.S. I haven’t explored either. Partly I guess because it’s my home country and I think the opportunity will always be available. The other part is I want to see other places rather than explore domestically. But now that we’ve moved to the UK, everything is new again. Although I visited London a few…

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2016:  The Year of Saving Money and Traveling

Small village church near Loule, Portugal in the Algarve by Eileen Cotter Wright

You must think I’m kidding. How can I possibly have a year of saving cash while also enjoying my job and free time as a traveler? It’s one of my biggest goals for the coming year. Alongside my Skillshare class about content organization, I’m working my buns off to maintain an exciting calendar of trips while hopefully ramping up my presence as a travel pro. It’s a thrilling time and I honestly can’t wait to get back into the groove after taking a few weeks off to visit family in…

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: A Traveler’s Gift Guide

Eileen Cotter Wright in New Orelans at Christmastime

Jabra Sports Coach Wireless Headset My iPhone earbuds just are not cutting it these days. If I’m on the plane or simply walking through London parks in the afternoon, I grew tired of constantly adjusting them and having buds fall out of my ears. I also have a few New Year goals about getting more active and exploring every neighborhood in London. These Jabra Sports Coach earbuds have been a game changer. Not only are they wireless, Bluetooth compatible and easy to wear, they are equipped with incredible Dolby sound…

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A Cheeky Wine Tasting at the Royal Horseguards Hotel in London

Wine cellar at the Royal Horseguards Hotel - photo by Eileen Cotter Wright

Within two hours I went from nervously sipping Prosecco alone to raucously howling laughter around a tiny table in a wine cellar with a gaggle of strange ladies. I was honored to have a look at the Royal Horseguards Hotel last week, one of London’s premiere five-star luxury properties located in Embankment next to the River Thames. It was a chance to mingle with some fellow London women and also have a peek into this famously luxurious hotel. In the late 1800s, this elegant building was one of the first to…

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10 Modern Travel Songs to Inspire Wanderlust

red rock amphitheatre by David Fulmer via Flickr

If I knew half the stuff I used to know about music when I was a DJ in college, I’d be one really cool 30-year-old. My tastes are somewhat stuck in the early 2000s, but those are where my first real memories of adventure and began. I used to write this travel blog with a song at the end of every post in the early days. These are all travel songs that mean something profound, whether they literally talk about skipping town or simply remind me of a favorite place to…

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