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How to Plan for a Trip to Tenerife

tenerife carnaval girl via flckr

It’s rare for me to have a real, solid holiday. Usually I’m balancing some work on my laptop between fruity cocktails, or spending weeks before crafting article ideas before I’m even on the plane. So when my friend Corey suggested an island trip where we simply unwind and enjoy our sunny surroundings, I jumped at the chance. What did we agree on? The beautiful destination of Tenerife! A Spanish island off the coast of west Africa, it’s best known for its perfect beaches, volcanic rock and swinging nightlife. It seems…

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Perks of Working Remotely as an Expat

tooting boradway station london eileen cotter wright

Almost four years ago I made the big switch. I can’t believe it’s been that long since I started working from home, co-working spaces, coffee shops and friends’ kitchen tables. While I do miss office culture sometimes, the long and short term perks far outweigh the desire to live cube life again for now. I make a living, make my own hours and am able to live in a foreign city in part to my remote career choices. It’s good that I have a reliable table I always use when…

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Unusual Encounters Around Edinburgh, Scotland

Old Town Context edinburgh, scotland eileen cotter wright

I did not want to follow the creepy old guy into the graveyard. He came out of nowhere and offered to take us around, but my cynicism didn’t believe he wanted nothing in return. But in the end, we followed him through the dark gate, sloshed around in the mud and were charmed by the eerie and wild tales he told about his hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland. From the creepy science experiments to the haunted graves, he regaled us with local tales of myths and legends. With his guidance, I…

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How to Enjoy Yoga Outside of Class

At least a hundred times I tried getting into yoga on my own. I’d download videos, pay for subscriptions online to streams and simple study up on poses or stretches. What finally got me into the groove though was investing in myself and joining a full-on studio. The one near my apartment in London is luckily super close, fairly affordable and just the motivation I need to get deep into daily practice. My friend has told me that anyone who would like to have some yoga sessions can also enjoy…

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Saying Goodbye to Summer in London


I’m hanging on by my fingernails. The few precious, beautiful city days we had in London this year were way too few and far between. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t make the best of the season by throwing all caution to the wind and loving some urban adventures! Not only did I stuff my face every weekend with some of the best grub the city has to offer, I also managed to squeeze in a little wine sampling and musicals to boot. All of these activities and events were a…

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Finding Tranquility in Slovenia

big berry camp day bed slovenia eileen cotter wright

It was so, so time to escape the city. London summers are often chock-full of restaurant pop-ups, festivals and special events to celebrate the two seconds of warm weather. But when it is hot, it can get oppressive and miserable. When Big Berry invited us out to try some glamping in beautiful Slovenia, we jumped at the opportunity. We couldn’t wait to take a long weekend away and indulge in some natural beauty by traveling to Slovenia. Big Berry lies on a beautiful river an hour or so from the…

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4 Ways Yoga Can Help Travel Anxiety

cobra pose yoga eileen cotter wright

Sadly, so many people avoid traveling because it can add stress to their lives. Real, scary stress. I totally get this. Oftentimes I’m filled with hot dread before boarding planes and can barely get myself together to book hotels, activities and more. I really, really don’t like flights either. With the world in a bit of disarray too, would-be travelers are putting off vacations and adventures, worried about current state of affairs. These stresses and fears are valid. But, it still shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world. While I…

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What’s Your WORST Travel Selfie?

eileen cotter wright bad travel selfie

Nothing gives out a bigger vibe of FOMO than those gorgeous travel photos we see all over the internet. We strive to have the perfect angle in front of a sparkling beach, holding an adorable animal or dangling off a cliff over some snow-capped mountains. And when we’re lucky, we get that awesome shot that goes right into our profile picture and shared across every social media outlet. But, there is a secret we all are keeping. Loaded up into our phones and cameras are hundreds of other photos that…

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Dinner Delights at Eco in Clapham, London

homemade bread eco clapham london by eileen cotter wright

London is one of those cities where you can feel like you’ve traveled around the world – when it’s just dinnertime. Living in such a culinary melting pot has spoiled me rotten for choice of the best dishes worldwide. Not to mention, we’re in close proximity to other foodie capitals for ideal ingredient sourcing and incredible recipes. When it’s time for impossibly fresh Italian food, I make a beeline for Eco. It’s been a Clapham staple since the 90s and recently underwent a big overhaul. The principles of authentic dishes…

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City Breaks: Prague

prague and bridge via flickr by Moyan Brenn

When my friends and I have gotten over gushing about the typical European cities we love, one other city almost always comes into conversation. Prague! The Czech Republic boasts one of the most picturesque European cities around. All I hear about is how stunning the architecture, craft beer and history is swirling around this beautiful part of Eastern Europe. Through advice and tips from fellow travellers, I’ve been gathering a list of all the great things I want to experience on my own trip to Prague in the future. Local…

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