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Splash Out in Tenerfie, Spain

yoga garanchico

Expecting more of an African island vibe considering it’s close proximity to the continent, I was so surprised that Tenerife was absolutely Spanish. There was no doubt – I could have been in the center of Seville instead of 600 miles from the mainland (or as they say, the ‘peninsula’). Tenerife Highlights: Outdoors How can you stay inside at all while on a sunny island? The beaches are perfect, as is the pool scenes at many of the upscale hotels. But I also really loved driving down the coastline and…

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How to Score Great East Coast Flights

It’s the ultimate question for travelers: How do you find amazing flight deals? Airlines constantly add new routes, fresh airlines debut, and new deal sites pop up every week. It’s good to shop around, but don’t forget a few tried-and-true methods to ensure your ride to adventure is smooth, quick, and cost-effective. Here are some ideas for my U.S. East Coasters. Scan the Sky   Have patience or be ready to fly out on a whim. You can either beat the crowds or find that sweet spot right before takeoff…

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Music Festival Packing Essentials: What To Bring Checklist

firefly festival abnner

I don’t care if you’re 20 years old or 200 – anyone can enjoy a music festival anywhere in the world. They can be just vibrant local gatherings with a few jam bands in the center of town, or a giant blow-out by the beach featuring massive artists from around the world. Either way, if you plan to enjoy more than one day in a row, you’ll need to pack correctly for the experience so as to have the ultimate amount of fun. Check ALL the Festival Rules While I sport…

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Top 5 Go-To London Expat Tech Essentials

eileen cotter wright working remotely in hammock in tenerife spain

I’m always on the grid – almost to a fault! Personally, I think it’s easier than ever to choose the expat life, at least when it comes to communication back home. Expats now can video call, fly home or even order gift for loved ones abroad in a blink of an eye. It’s fantastic. It’s made adventuring and relocating all the easier. Here’s what I use to keep in touch and work from almost any locale. Lenovo Yoga Laptop   My lifeblood is my laptop, hands down. It’s my main…

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An Introduction to Ayurveda: At Adler Thermae in Tuscany, Italy

yoga studio adler thermae tuscany italy Eileen Cotter wright

To truly develop your entire being, body and mind, all have to be considered part of the journey. In other words, when I drink a ton of wine, it’s going to make my mood real crappy too. Exhibit A: All the Tuscan wine I could carry home from Sasso Di Sole. Anything in excess, whether it’s food, fun or just dwelling on negative thoughts means you’re going have a bad time. Awareness of this and of your connections inside and out are so important to feeling good. As I started…

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A Little Bit On Latvia: Photos from Riga

dancer statue riga lativa eileen cotter wright

Lativa was a treat. I don’t think I’ve visited a country in so little time that left such a lovely impression. The capital city is bright, clean and full of art – from dancing statues and street murals to contemporary monuments and homemade jewelry. Interactions were always intelligent and cozy, with many locals offering recommendations for activities and food as a warm welcome to the city. Helen from HelsBels and myself had an amazing, albeit quick experience. Not to mention, we got plenty of bang for our buck, even as…

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#IHEARTCANARIES: Heading to Tenerife

In just about a week I’ll be sunning myself on the beautiful island of Tenerife. It’s one of the Canary Islands – Spanish territory off the coast of Africa. The landscape is rugged, sporting volcanoes and fishing villages alongside miles of beaches with luxury resorts. What more could you want in a getaway? The best part is the whole week I’ll be staying at an oasis with great friends, off the grid and living easy. It’s a massive self-catering space complete with private pool and plenty of open space. In…

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Saying Hello to Winter: Chamonix, France

Sprawled out on the side of the mountain, my skis were still halfway up the mountain. I had hit a nasty ice patch, went flying in the air and landed heard on my helmet. I didn’t move for a couple minutes, fearing the worst. The wind was taken out of my lungs and I certainly landed on something sharp by my ribs. What erupted was not tears, but crazy laughter as I rolled over in the snow and faced the sun. Sure it was a garbage fall and a rookie…

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A Night Out in Clapham South: The Avalon

There’s nothing I can’t stand more than being stuck in the house on a rainy or overcast day as a London expat. It sets the mood for the week on how I feel and how productive I can be (read: not at all). When there’s any excuse to escape and do something out of the routine on a weekday, I’m all about it. A perk about living in a busy part of South London is the plethora of choices for places to eat. I can practically feel like I’m eating…

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Parks, Paintball and Pedal-Powered Tours: Outdoor Activities in London

Despite the occasional occurrence of winter-like weather, the chilly season is behind us expats and Londoners, and it’s time to embrace springtime. With such an abundance of sights and attractions, London is a goldmine for outdoor activities – from bike tours to paintball – the capital is your oyster. While London most definitely has a certain sense of charm during winter, it’s safe to say that the warmth of spring and the opportunity to enjoy London’s diverse outdoor activities is very much welcome. You may prefer to keep it simple…

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