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A Love Letter to Jose

This has been in my drafts for a long time. Now seems like the perfect moment to finally share. The first love of my life was Jose. We found each other when I was 22-years old. Fresh out of college, I felt excited about the future. Although I had to temporarily move back home, I couldn’t wait to get the first taste of freedom and being on my own. We first met at a firefighter’s home in the backyard. He was quiet and standing off to a corner as I…

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Bucharest, Romania: No Bullshit.

Parliament Palace in Bucharest, Romania

Club music that was popular ten years ago pulsed off the brick basement walls. In one corner was a flaming, sparking tower of glasses set on fire by Jägermeister, the other was covered in artwork strangely depicting Hitler. Young women danced in groups in the dark, but so did gaggles of men fist pumping and shaking their hips just as enthusiastically. Smoke filled the air, unfiltered and unapologetic. It is 4AM and I am in an Eastern European nightclub as it pissed down rain just outside the heavy metal doors….

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Twenty Four Hours in Belfast Historical Modernism: Part III

Eileen and Megan in front of Bobby Sands mural in Belfast, Northern Ireland

This is Megan’s final installment of her experiences traveling through Belfast, Northern Ireland. You can also read Part I and Part II! From the Peace Wall, we rounded a corner and walked through a heavy iron gate to the Irish republican side of the divide. Here, I found that the murals changed in tone and content almost immediately. While military men with guns are not entirely absent in these murals, peacemakers and global civil rights leaders take precedence. Gunmen and Red Hands are largely replaced with images of Nelson Mandela,…

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Twenty Four Hours in Belfast Historical Modernism: Part II

Mural in Belfast Northern, Ireland

Megan’s second installment about Irish history and our tour through Belfast. While Belfast has many modern offerings and natural wonders, the smart traveler would be wise to take advantage of this city’s rich history as well. When Ireland became an independent republic in 1922, it was also partitioned. Six counties in the North remained part of the Great Britain, becoming Northern Ireland. In the 1960s the Northern Irish Troubles began as a result of friction between the Government and the remaining Irish republicans (not to be confused with American-style, Donald…

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Twenty Four Hours in Belfast Part I: Historical Modernism

Downtown Belfast in Northern Ireland

My good friend Megan Crotty and I ventured on a road trip last month! We drove through Northern Ireland and Ireland for a few days. With her background in Irish history, she’s taken the reigns with our time in Belfast. Megan will conclude her Belfast story with her experience on an eye-opening Black Taxi Tour very soon. After a quick jet-lag fueled and giddy drive from Dublin, we arrived in Belfast’s city center on a bustling Friday afternoon (after a bit of practice, Eileen drove on the left like a boss)….

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The Big London Expat Move: Basic Planning & Packing

Umbrellas over an outdoor cafe in central London

It’s already been two and a half weeks since our plane touched down in London. As soon as the wheels hit the runway my mind finally wrapped around the idea that London will be home, for a long time. In fact, maybe the longest consecutive time I’ve ever been away from the East Coast. With a job transfer opportunity for X (husband) and my own freelancing, it was a golden opportunity to try something we’ve always dreamed about. Live abroad, see iconic European cities on the weekends, be surrounded by…

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What I’ll Miss Most About Boston

You never know truly what you have until it’s gone, right? The countdown to our overseas move is now only days away, so I find myself soaking up every detail in my hometown. Although I’ve done brief stints in places like Western New York and Spain, I always return to Boston. There’s a few years in London looming ahead of me now that will be a whole new adventure, but I’m pretty positive we’ll be back someday to put roots down on the East Coast, if not right in Boston’s…

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7 Clichés About Couples Travel that Need to End

Eileen and Christian on a cruise in Nova Scotia

Think traveling is over once you “settle down”? Think again. Although I personally wander solo, in groups of girlfriends, professionally with other journalists and with family, I’ve still maintained a pretty happy and healthy relationship for more than seven years. I find couples travel to be a whole different ball game – you’re comfortable enough to express what you want to do, but also have to compromise a lot to keep everyone happy. It’s exciting to share everyone with someone on the road, but you also might have less time…

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Drinking A True Colorado Wine At The Gateway Of The Rockies

Try wine in Colorado - photo Courtesy of Estes Park

Wine is fabulous. I love wine that’s why I made sure to have a perfect wine cooler. I’m not afraid to say it. I’d swim in a bottle of red if it wasn’t weird and expensive to do. I’m particularly fond of pinot noir, but I’m always up for trying a new bottle. On my most recent getaway to Estes Park, Colorado, I got the chance to try some new grapes from a pretty spectacular little place called Snowy Peaks Winery. I tried all the grapes. I was confused when…

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Top 5 Ways to Survive the Rest of Boston’s Winter

boston blizzard, boston winter, snow in boston

Are we seriously still talking about all this snow? I’ve never been over inclement weather more in my life. I feel like I have no right to complain though – sure this is extraordinary, but it is New England. If I wanted palm trees every day I would’ve moved to Miami. But here I am, no end to this horrible mess in sight. A couple years ago a lamented about one bad storm we had. How naive I was. But, we soldier on, right? We’re a resilient city. I’ve compiled…

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