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4 Ways Yoga Can Help Travel Anxiety

cobra pose yoga eileen cotter wright

Sadly, so many people avoid traveling because it can add stress to their lives. Real, scary stress. I totally get this. Oftentimes I’m filled with hot dread before boarding planes and can barely get myself together to book hotels, activities and more. I really, really don’t like flights either. With the world in a bit of disarray too, would-be travelers are putting off vacations and adventures, worried about current state of affairs. These stresses and fears are valid. But, it still shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world. While I…

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A New Perspective: Fear, Anxiety and A Tiny Hope

sunset duxbury massachusetts eileen cotter wright

I really didn’t want to write this one. I also didn’t want to wait until a good day came along. It’s happening now, so now it’s time to talk. About three months ago, my world changed. I was about board a plane to Sri Lanka, hanging out by the terminal. All of a sudden, my thoughts went into overdrive. I was imagining the plane crashing, terrible things happening, being trapped in a tin can for hours. The airport started spinning. I couldn’t breathe. Then all I could think was, I’m…

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Dream Destination: Cape Verde

cape verde four wheel on beach via flickr

As I technically live on an island now, I’m totally digging trips to fellow floating destinations. Of course England and the UK isn’t exactly on par with tropical, sunny islands, but I can pretend, right? Anyways, after spending a lot of time in the Caribbean a few summers ago, I’ve been itching to check out some new island hotspots, such as the Azores, Tenerife and the Greek islands. But one really sticks out to me above the rest – Cape Verde. This 10-island archipelago is a little out there but…

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What’s Your WORST Travel Selfie?

eileen cotter wright bad travel selfie

Nothing gives out a bigger vibe of FOMO than those gorgeous travel photos we see all over the internet. We strive to have the perfect angle in front of a sparkling beach, holding an adorable animal or dangling off a cliff over some snow-capped mountains. And when we’re lucky, we get that awesome shot that goes right into our profile picture and shared across every social media outlet. But, there is a secret we all are keeping. Loaded up into our phones and cameras are hundreds of other photos that…

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Dinner Delights at Eco in Clapham, London

homemade bread eco clapham london by eileen cotter wright

London is one of those cities where you can feel like you’ve traveled around the world – when it’s just dinnertime. Living in such a culinary melting pot has spoiled me rotten for choice of the best dishes worldwide. Not to mention, we’re in close proximity to other foodie capitals for ideal ingredient sourcing and incredible recipes. When it’s time for impossibly fresh Italian food, I make a beeline for Eco. It’s been a Clapham staple since the 90s and recently underwent a big overhaul. The principles of authentic dishes…

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Why I’m So Ready for a Cruise

thomson cruise ship via thomson

Nothing puts me more in a mood to plan a trip than rain. As the water pours down in the UK on these early days of summer, I’d love nothing more than to relax in the sun somewhere. Luckily, the rest of Europe is easily accessible; it won’t take long at all to head south to calmer skies. What better way to take a break than a cruise? I know tons of family and friends who just can’t get enough of cruising as it can offer the best perks of…

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4 Things Every Flight Attendant Wants You To Know

wing of plane vintage style flying via pexels-photo-59519

My good friend (& London neighbor!) Corey from Learning Patience is one of those people who can strike up a chat with anyone. Below is her post on how she used her magic gabbing powers to get some insider tips about the secret lives of flight attendants! PS, today is her birthday, so go wish her well!   I’m one of those crazy people that loves flying. I think it’s the thrill of heading into uncharted areas of the globe, experiencing new things and creating memories that will last a…

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Throwback: Aruba Island Vibes

aruba sunset sand and flowers eileen cotter wright

It’s not every day you get to step inside your own tropical postcard. Two years ago I had that chance when I ventured to the picture-perfect island of Aruba. Just off the border of Venezuela and neighbours with Curacao, this place is pure magic when it comes to both amazing beaches and inland delights. Not only was Aruba on my bucket list for a while, this trip was even more special because I went with my mother. She and I had never taken an adventure together, especially to a gorgeous…

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A Guide to Paddleboarding for Beginners

girl on paddleboard at sunset

I am not an athlete. In fact, I am pretty accident-prone, clumsy and overall slow as hell. I’ve accepted my lot though in life and soldier on, giving every new opportunity a go at least once. So when faced with the idea of paddle boarding in Aruba, I thought this will be a disaster, especially alongside my six-pack comrades. I’d sadly float along, gripping helplessly to the side of the board, hoping the ocean will just take me below and get it over with. There was no way I’d be…

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Sri Lanka: A Lucid Dream I Didn’t Want to End

elephant in tall grass sri lanka by eileen cotter wright

My mother always told me to always wear a seat belt. So when the tuk-tuk driver named Yogi urged me to hold onto a metal bar and stick my head out the top of his glorified motorbike on three wheels, I was less than thrilled. But I had a cold Lion beer in hand, Backstreet Boys blaring on the primitive sound system and wind whipping through my hair on a balmy 90-degree day. Everything else was just about perfect, so why not throw a little caution to the wind?  …

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