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Can You Believe What Really Happens to Your Body When You’re On A Flight?


We all love going on holiday from time to time, with a relaxing week away in the sun just about enough to help us forget about the dramas life throws in our direction. Whether you’re taking a short-hop over to France or are buckling in for a 24-hour flight to Australia, taking to the skies in an airplane is always an experience in and of itself. It might shock you to learn just how much of an impact travelling in a plane can have on your body, however. While it’s…

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Bucketlist: Top Five Things To Do in Cancun

girl on beach in cancun mexico via rick gonzalez on flickr

Built with tourists in mind, Cancun is one destination that is tailored to the needs of holiday makers. Thanks to its combination of quality resorts, exciting nightlife, beautiful scenery, and tropical weather it is no wonder that the Mexican city ranks amongst the top tourist destinations in the world. With a near countless array of world-class resorts in the Zona Hotelera catering to every need and budget, you could easily enjoy a Cancun holiday without venturing past the beach. While the beaches do need to be enjoyed, the wider area is rich in…

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