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How to Enjoy Yoga Outside of Class

At least a hundred times I tried getting into yoga on my own. I’d download videos, pay for subscriptions online to streams and simple study up on poses or stretches. What finally got me into the groove though was investing in myself and joining a full-on studio. The one near my apartment in London is luckily super close, fairly affordable and just the motivation I need to get deep into daily practice. My friend has told me that anyone who would like to have some yoga sessions can also enjoy…

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Can You Believe What Really Happens to Your Body When You’re On A Flight?


We all love going on holiday from time to time, with a relaxing week away in the sun just about enough to help us forget about the dramas life throws in our direction. Whether you’re taking a short-hop over to France or are buckling in for a 24-hour flight to Australia, taking to the skies in an airplane is always an experience in and of itself. It might shock you to learn just how much of an impact travelling in a plane can have on your body, however. While it’s…

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Saying Goodbye to Summer in London


I’m hanging on by my fingernails. The few precious, beautiful city days we had in London this year were way too few and far between. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t make the best of the season by throwing all caution to the wind and loving some urban adventures! Not only did I stuff my face every weekend with some of the best grub the city has to offer, I also managed to squeeze in a little wine sampling and musicals to boot. All of these activities and events were a…

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How Yoga Can Help a Sedentary Lifestyle

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My travel schedule is often hectic and unpredictable. On average I board a plane once a month, and sometimes multiple weeks at a time. However, in between these adventures I am sat on my computer, clacking away and writing posts for clients, blogs and my own websites. If I’m really in the zone, I won’t move for hours, glued to the screen. Recently, I’ve been working on managing self-care better through meditation, eating proper meals and even therapy. But one thing that lacked was my will to MOVE. I’ve always…

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4 Ways Yoga Can Help Travel Anxiety

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Sadly, so many people avoid traveling because it can add stress to their lives. Real, scary stress. I totally get this. Oftentimes I’m filled with hot dread before boarding planes and can barely get myself together to book hotels, activities and more. I really, really don’t like flights either. With the world in a bit of disarray too, would-be travelers are putting off vacations and adventures, worried about current state of affairs. These stresses and fears are valid. But, it still shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world. While I…

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A New Perspective: Fear, Anxiety and A Tiny Hope

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I really didn’t want to write this one. I also didn’t want to wait until a good day came along. It’s happening now, so now it’s time to talk. About three months ago, my world changed. I was about board a plane to Sri Lanka, hanging out by the terminal. All of a sudden, my thoughts went into overdrive. I was imagining the plane crashing, terrible things happening, being trapped in a tin can for hours. The airport started spinning. I couldn’t breathe. Then all I could think was, I’m…

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