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#IHEARTCANARIES: Heading to Tenerife

In just about a week I’ll be sunning myself on the beautiful island of Tenerife. It’s one of the Canary Islands – Spanish territory off the coast of Africa. The landscape is rugged, sporting volcanoes and fishing villages alongside miles of beaches with luxury resorts. What more could you want in a getaway? The best part is the whole week I’ll be staying at an oasis with great friends, off the grid and living easy. It’s a massive self-catering space complete with private pool and plenty of open space. In…

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Parks, Paintball and Pedal-Powered Tours: Outdoor Activities in London

Despite the occasional occurrence of winter-like weather, the chilly season is behind us expats and Londoners, and it’s time to embrace springtime. With such an abundance of sights and attractions, London is a goldmine for outdoor activities – from bike tours to paintball – the capital is your oyster. While London most definitely has a certain sense of charm during winter, it’s safe to say that the warmth of spring and the opportunity to enjoy London’s diverse outdoor activities is very much welcome. You may prefer to keep it simple…

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Time for a #TasteofCatalonia!

bitches who brunch eileen cotter wright

My awareness of wine is dismal. Although it’s slightly improved over the last decade (mostly because my budget helps me avoid the hooch) I still am stupidly new at various blends and qualities. In fact, last time I was in the Catalonia region of Spain, my then-boyfriend-now-husband and I only visited the Freixenet cava factory. While fun for new fans of the sparkling stuff, we definitely missed out on tons of other amazing wineries. And seven years later, so many more are earning awards, getting organic certified and offering variety throughout…

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Having the Perfect House Date: The Expat Move and Apartment Hunt

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What the very first thing every expat must handle when they move abroad? Figuring out where the hell to live and how  to find a service as good as the movers dallas team. I vividly remember the first six weeks my husband and I lived in London. We found an Airbnb to crash at in Battersea that was fine, but the size of a closet. The apartment might as well have been on the moon, because it took forever to acclimate where I was. Who knew what a Battersea was,…

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Confession of an Expat Hypochondriac

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Something subtle always pushed me into action. Maybe a little pain in my abdomen, a short period of not feeling hungry or maybe just a never ending cold. I’d fly over to Google and start searching what was wrong. Was it cancer?! Oh no, do I have a debilitating thyroid problem? No, it has to be an allergy. A life-threatening allergy that will leave me bedridden in a couple days. I know everyone goes down the internet rabbit hole when it comes to Googling your symptoms sometimes. But when my…

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Tips for Adjusting to Short-Term Expat Living

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Moving to a giant city was a crazy adjustment. Boston is beautiful, but has a very small-town feel if you ask me – I felt like I knew everything and everything there. London’s neighborhoods are so vast and different, it can get overwhelming at times. In fact, it’s made me appreciate the outdoors a lot more and those moments we get to escape the bustling city life. Sometimes it gets so crazy in London, I’m ready to move off the grid and live a bit simpler. Wouldn’t be great to…

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How to Maintain Top Mental Health with Technology

tomtom Adventurer watch and fitness tracker

Being proactive about how good your mind and body feels is not a small task. It’s even worse when you’ve maybe let yourself get into a rut and everything seems like an impossible effort. I’m using this wonderful time in the world to best enhance my mental health with endless technological advances. It’s so fun and exciting to discover new ways to nurture my mind with online doctor consults, fitness trackers, light therapy and more. Here’s what has helped me the most lately! Track Your Exercise Efforts The top thing…

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Should You Ever Stop Traveling?

edythe sweeney, eileen cotter wright and hazel sweeney

The first time I ever left North America was when I was 21-years-old. To some that might sound like I was an old bat before I really was able to see the world, to others maybe a delicious look into traveling while young. Those who are interested to feel the heap of fresh air, they can find out the things to do in Long Island and similar locations. About a decade later my country count has grown thirty-fold and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon. I’ve had to…

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Easy Ways to Keep Track of Your Feeling Good Goals


As we all happily kick 2016 to the ground and move onto better things, any of us are being more in touch with ourselves on many different levels. I’m working hard on my mental health to manage the ongoing bouts of anxiety, which are often helped by regular exercise, stretching and movement. I’m not yet ready to train for big races or tackle giant weight loss goals, but I am interested in dabbling with fitness and wellness tracking. Someday I’d love to try out tracking devices with more complex readings….

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The Gift Guide for Fitness and Feeling Good

This has been the year of doing things that make me feel GOOD. While many think 2016 was a big pile of garbage (me included), I tried to take this time to reflect, work on my outward self and start tuning into really what has been going on in my mind. Has it been easy? No way. It’s been the hardest year of my life. Despite setbacks, I’m going to make sure I turn the end of this year into a celebration. To honor all the big changes, difficult days…

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