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We all love going on holiday from time to time, with a relaxing week away in the sun just about enough to help us forget about the dramas life throws in our direction. Whether you’re taking a short-hop over to France or are buckling in for a 24-hour flight to Australia, taking to the skies in an airplane is always an experience in and of itself.

It might shock you to learn just how much of an impact travelling in a plane can have on your body, however. While it’s perhaps somewhat unsurprising that moving at altitudes and speeds the human body is not naturally used to can have a drastic effect, the extent to which you’re pushed is a little shocking.

For example, did you know that you’ll lose at least one third of your taste buds when you’re at optimum altitude, or that you’ll slowly start to inflate like a beach ball when there’s changes in air pressure? Sounds extreme, but these changes are subtle while in the air.

I’ve talked a lot about how I’m not a big fan of being on planes. In fact, I’ve felt completely out of my comfort zone most of the time with panic attacks, queasiness and general anxiety. But knowing a little more about how my body works in the air can help quell my fears a little and handle the task at hand. As much as it makes me sad to say no to bubbly on flights, I’ve noticed that drinking a lot of water does help me feel better when we arrive at the destination. This has also changed how I fly – I used to love snapping photos by the window seat, but now I almost always choose an aisle seat so I can get to the bathroom and stretch.

Here’s a couple more facts about your body while flying, along with a few tips to keep you feeling your best before, during and after your trip in the sky.

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