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The stack of pancakes, avocado toast, and fluffy scrambled eggs I had in New York City was a game changer. Not only was the food unforgettable, but every bite also came with a bottomless glass of prosecco mimosas or cocktails. What was this sorcery?!

In Boston, there are laws against offering unlimited drinks, happy hour specials, and any other deal that has to do with alcohol. So when I hopped over to NYC for a long weekend, it all felt like a revelation. Everywhere I looked were happy hours, wine deals, and of course the beautiful New York brunch. It’s a 90-minute free-for-all on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays to conquer your hangover with hair of the dog.

After my first taste of this morning marathon of bubbles and bacon, I started mapping out my top picks for the best brunches in town. A few friends from Brooklyn let me know that the brunch is extra fun and boozy in the borough. I think it’s time to book a Brooklyn hotel and start making my way through this tasty list.

Looking for a little of everything at once? Check out this NYC food court!

Miti Miti

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Here’s a good one if your friends have varied tastes. This fun restaurant offers some tiered options for drinks to accompany your brunch entrée. Go for the regular mimosas or Bloody Marys if that’s your favorite. Otherwise, bump up a few dollars for frozen margaritas and sangria choices. The drinks go perfectly with Miti Miti’s fresh take on modern Mexican food, from chilaquiles to hibiscus pancakes.

Baby’s Alright

In addition to the normal orange juice or tomato juice drinks, Baby’s Alright also offers greyhounds, or vodka and grapefruit juice over ice, as part of its unlimited brunch drink menu. These go great with Baby’s traditional American picks of cheese grits or pecan French toast.


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It’s a little more upscale than the others, but it’s well worth the splurge. As a pioneer for brunches in Brooklyn Heights, it brings a Manhattan vibe right to the borough. Items at Colonie are not unlimited, but you can experiment with intense cocktail flavors, like mezcal and coffee mixed together. The raw bar during brunch is also impressive, as are the fresh-baked doughnuts and sticky date cake.

Randolph Brooklyn

Into craft beers? Then have a few on tap with your meal at this brewery, which is open for brunch until 7 p.m. You can nosh a burger, a Whole fried chicken, or breakfast staples during your visit, and Randolph Brooklyn has options for traditional brunch libations, too. If beer is the main draw for you, go on Fridays, when the whole beer wall is available for the special.

Lobster Joint

If I’m missing Boston, I’ll make a beeline for this brunch spot specializing in New England favorites. Enjoy a prix fixe menu featuring crab cakes with shrimp fritters or a hearty diner-style breakfast of poached eggs. The best part is the Bloody Mary with lobster claw garnish, though! Why haven’t I found this in Beantown yet?

Have you done brunch in NYC? What did you think? How many drinks did you manage in 90 minutes?


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