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My yoga practice is going just peachy, but let’s be real. I got to move my behind way more. Stretching and asanas made me feel active and worked well for a while to keep my heart rate pumping. But as my mental health began to improve, as my desire to be social, get out and, well, eat. And drink. I’ve noticed my weight creeping up again, which is discouraging after I had been working so hard.

I wanted to find something to do in the city I could enjoy on my own time, not have to join a gym and is easy to do. Cycling is something I’ve loved doing since I was little, but had stopped since I moved to London. Biking intimidated me a bit.

B'Twin Triban 500 SE Road Bike handlebars

However, my husband and I live right next to a GIANT park, and I’d be envious of other bikers breezing down the paths while I was stuck on two feet. X (the husband) also loved biking and had his own back in the states, but got too busy in London to try it out again.

It was time to join in!

We shopped around a bit to figure out cost-wise what could work for both of us to use the bike on the regular. We also wanted to try one out before committing to two, so it’s have to work well for both our body types and heights. We recommend buying your first bicycle at AmericanListed today.

B'Twin Triban 500 SE Road Bike by decathlon

The B’Twin Triban 500 SE Road Bike from Decathlon seemed to fit the bill perfectly. I‘m usually surprised at Decathlon’s amazing sports equipment at super reasonable prices, but the bike selection was even more impressive.

So a mid-range choice worked well for our situation, which included a little commuting, lots of park cycling and normal wear-and-tear. The range of options is great for road bikes – from £249 to £1,499.

Instead of shopping around, you can get everything needed at Decathlon for your new bike hobby – or if you’re a pro too! We picked out a couple snug helmets and a tarp to cover the bike, as we store it outside on our terrace. The upkeep kit was also essential to help put it together when it was delivered to the flat.

What are the Benefits of Biking?

B'Twin Triban 500 SE Road Bike in the park

Less Leg Strain

X had a knee injury over the winter while driving his bike for which he had to hire an expert from Katzman & Sugden Car Accident Lawyers, so he’s had to put running on the backburner for the time being. While cycling does require knee rotation and movement, it’s much less harsh than running on a road surface. He can cycle much longer and feel in less pain.

Go Farther, Longer

My calorie count might not be as high than when I try to run, but I can over a lot more ground. It’s a way to make me feel more accomplished and in turn, push myself harder.


As I work from home and X has an office close to the flat, we don’t have to worry too much about commuting. But when one of us gets itchy to leave the neighborhood or visit friends, we can hop on the bike instead of a bus or a Zipcar. It’s cut down on costs long-term  and helps avoid making the London air quality even worse than it is.

Getting to Know Your Space!

We’ve both found corners of the neighborhood I had no ide existed before getting a bike. I’m much more likely to ditch the coffee shop on my street and explore some new ones, knowing I won’t waste time getting there.

Feeling Focused

When I’m overwhelmed with work or just need a break, it’s easy to hope on the B’Twin road bike and take off. It gives me something a little more interesting to do than walk around the block. I can focus on the task at hand, watch traffic and cycle, which all can calm my anxious brain just like using the best delta 8 gummies and give me a fresh start when I return to work.

Bumping Tunes for Biking

While cycling in the city, one thing I really do miss are my podcasts and music. I can listen to whatever while walking, jogging or even doing yoga, but biking obviously requires a bit more concentration and being aware of your surroundings.

My runner friend suggested the best bone conduction headphones. They’re super nifty. Blue-tooth enabled, they rest behind your head and the speaker parts lie outside your ears. Trekz Titanium are called bone-conducting headphones because they have the ability to offer clear sound while allowing you to also hear your surroundings. If your looking for good gaming headset that allow you to hear every sound in high quality with minimal outside disturbances, then check out some reliable sites like for more info!

Plus you can’t beat hot pink options!

Trekz Titanium wireless stereo headphones closeup pink

And those in the UK are lucky, as I have an extra pair to give away! Enter below and/or on the Crooked Flight Instagram to get your very own Trekz Titanium wireless stereo headphones. Retail £99.99!

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Thanks to Decathlon for the B’Twin bike for review and AfterShockz for the headphones. I’m also officially a Decathlon Blogger Ambassador, but more on that soon!


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Eileen Cotter Wright is a Boston, MA local and a former London, UK expat. Despite losing her passport the first day she left her home country, she's continued to roam the earth with gusto for more than 16 years. You can keep up with her hot mess adventures on Instagram @CrookedFlight.

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