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I’m a low maintenance traveler. And person in general. So if you’re looking at which makeup brushes to pack for a trip or how to make your highlights last while slow traveling, I’m not the one to ask! In fact, it gets to the point where I’m ready to shave my head, or get some hair transplant treatments for a new look. However, a lot of the times I’m traveling for work or just want to experience some upscale restaurants and spas, so I have to look somewhat presentable. I’ve curated my small arsenal of items and techniques that keep me looking fresh, just not super model status!


Solid Products

Evade the airport security by avoid liquids all-together. If you don’t need a lot of products, it’s easy to keep track of what you have. It sounds a little new-wave, but I do wear by natural oils when traveling, especially those that solidify. Pick up some coconut oil or shea butter to use on skin, to condition hair or even soothe a sunburn. Just know that these liquefy at lower temperatures than you’d think, so keep them cool when you board them plane.

Lush Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Aromatherapy To-Go

There’s these pretty little necklaces you can wear that have soft, colorful pads inside the locket. Put a few drops of essential oil on the pads and close shut. Voilà! Something smells pretty on the plane instead of bad airline food. It’s great for a light perfume too and can hold a small spray.

Keep Clear

Clear nail polish that is. Even if you don’t like colors or acrylics, throw a clear coast on your nails, especially if you like to keep them a little long. It prevents breakage and can keep them strong until you’re back home at your favorite manicurist.


Know How to Exercise Anywhere

I’m still practicing yoga on a regular basis. One of the main reasons I love yoga is you can do it anywhere. Have a small mat or find some squishy carpet and get to stretching. Know basic core moves so you can keep a routine on the road. Make sure you’re doing them correctly, and safe too. YouTube is a great resource, as are fitness bloggers and personal trainers.

Learn Quick Hair Styles

I’m determined this summer to learn how to French braid my own hair. I’ve wasted more time admiring other ladies who can do this in a flash, I need to just sit down and learn it too. Knowing quick ways to get the hair off my face and look neat is key when traveling.


Honestly, I don’t drink enough water as is. But hen in sweltering heat, on the beach all day or simply on a long-haul flight, chugging H2O is essential. There’s little apps and things out there to remind you to drink water consistently, But I just try to down a few bottles a day as I go along and try not to wait until I’m totally parched. It’s great for your focused,mind, your skin and pretty much everything else. And no, coffee and booze don’t count just because they have water in it. Nice try.


Do you have any tips? What’s your go-to travel products? Are you a minimalist or do you need lots to maintain your style?

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