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My good friend (& London neighbor!) Corey from Learning Patience is one of those people who can strike up a chat with anyone. Below is her post on how she used her magic gabbing powers to get some insider tips about the secret lives of flight attendants! PS, today is her birthday, so go wish her well!


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I’m one of those crazy people that loves flying. I think it’s the thrill of heading into uncharted areas of the globe, experiencing new things and creating memories that will last a lifetime. But like anything else, with a lot of practice, I have learned the quality of my journey is largely based on how well I treat my flight attendants. Believe it or not, your trip could be 1,000 times better depending on how you treat these angels of the sky.

Over the years, I was pretty sure I knew what to say, what to do and what things made them happy…but on my last, long 17+ hour journey across the Atlantic, I decided to just stop the guessing and simply ask them what made them crazy, frustrated or mad. I gave them my notepad and asked the flight crew to anonymously write down the four things they wish everyone knew…

I wasn’t sure they would do it or what kind of things they might mention but I was shocked to see the four things that were written down on my 1st flight, were repeated on my second and third flights too. Yes, all three flight crews wrote almost the same exact four things down. So, read, remember and just maybe your next flight might be a little smoother and who knows, you might be rewarded with a free cocktail (yes it happens all the time!)

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1. Only bring on bags that you can lift over your head YOURSELF.

If you can’t lift it, check it…PERIOD. This one is a biggie, In a recent survey of flight attendants, 81% resounded that they have been injured by carry on luggage, because apparently those TSA luggage locks are small, hard and apply a lot of pressure in one small point when they fall on your head – WOWSERS!

2. When your flight attendant is speaking to you, TAKE YOUR HEADPHONES OFF.

Would you talk to your coworkers or friends with your headphones on? No, it’s just rude so next time pause your music or movie, take them off for a minute and show a little respect.

3. When ordering coffee, PLEASE say how you like it!

By now you know milk and sugar are options, cut to the chase and just order it that way…

4. PAY ATTENTION during the safety briefing.

Even though I fly all the time, every plane is different, watch the demo people, it could not only save your life but everyone else’s on board as well….put the magazine down for 5 minutes.


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