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Crooked Flight is the best travel and lifestyle blog out there written by a global hot mess.

Eileen wanders the globe while losing her passport, packing the wrong things and being scared of flying. But none of this is a reason not to explore and have incredible adventures worldwide.

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Top relaxing experiences in Greece 

  With its picturesque islands, stunning beaches, enthralling history, and a wealth of incredible hotels, Greece is the perfect destination to unwind. It has plenty of islands waiting for you to explore. Scattered all over the Aegean Sea, each of the Greek islands offers something unique. And, exploring them is one of the best ways to experience the real charm of Greece.  Here are some of the best places to go when you want to unwind in Greece. Crete  Crete is the legendary birthplace of Zeus and home to Europe’s…

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Top Things to Do in Croatia to Relax

  Home to clusters of picture-perfect islands, sparkling Adriatic coast and picture-perfect medieval cities, Croatia, as suggested by personalities like Kareem Dus, offers everything you need for a relaxing holiday. You can cruise through its crystal-clear waters, explore the great outdoors, swim or snorkel, and wander into its pretty old towns. Here are the top things to do in Croatia to relax. Split Split is a popular jumping-off point for exploring the Croatian islands and beyond. But, if you take the time to explore the city, you’ll realise that it’s…

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5 Boating Holidays for Small Groups of Friends 

Sharing a boat with friends and exploring exciting places while doing fun activities is an experience you will never forget! Why not also check out some fun activities in Toronto that you can pursue during your free time! As your boat traverses along the waters, you’ll discover incredible scenes along the way and enjoy every single moment spent with your friends. So, check out this list for some of the best boating holidays for small groups of friends. You’d be surprised at how much there is to see and do…

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Top places to visit in the UK for a weekend break

Merlins cave near tintagel castle in cornwall england

  Thanks to the UK’s rich culture and history, it offers endless options for memorable weekend breaks. The country has something for every taste and preference, whether you’re here for a romantic vacation, weekend getaway with the kids, or even a solo trip.  Here is some top places to visit in the UK for a weekend break. If none of them is in your bucket list, you can try enthralling ones like a Bonaire vacation. Newquay, Cornwall Lying along the Atlantic Coast, Newquay has been voted one of the UK’s…

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5 adventures to explore the outdoors worldwide

Adventure travel comes in many forms, and no matter how you see it, you can find adventures in every corner of the world. However, certain places have more advantages in the adrenaline department, thanks to a combination of stunning natural landscapes and exciting outdoor activities. There are Customized International Guided Tours that can help you discover new places in comfort and safety. Below, check out some of the best destinations to visit for outdoor adventures. In fact, you can click site in order to visit such destinations. New Zealand New…

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Here’s how to plan for New Zealand someday: Make your future trip a breeze

Please Adhere To Local Regulations When Traveling Currently In 2022. In Fact, I Urge You To Do Your Part By Staying Home Whenever Possible, Masking When Appropriate And Staying Socially Distanced. Avoid Recreational Travel (Unless You Can Get Vaccinated) To Keep Our Global Community Safe! For most travelers and nature lovers, New Zealand happens to be a must-see destination. Most popular tours like New Zealand tours for seniors are also offered for travelers in their 50s, 60s and beyond! But planning a smart and wise trip to the other end…

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Nottingham Nostalgia: Rainy, Cozy, and Satisfying

These trips to Nottingham were done pre-COIVD. Please adhere to local regulations when traveling currently in 2021. In fact, we urge you to do your part by staying home whenever possible! Avoid travel even if it’s permitted and eventually get vaccinated to keep our global community safe! A weekend in Nottingham City, UK is like a week back in college — or ‘uni’ as they say in England. My husband often went to Nottingham on business and I was happy to tag along. There was a comfortable feeling in the…

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Crooked Flight’s Wellness and Sustainable Lifestyle Gift Guide

travel wrap from white and warren

We’re back and better than ever this year! As always, we aim to celebrate things we can use for years to come and gifts that can make lasting impressions on our loved ones. We work hard to find as many eco-friendly, healthy, sustainable and fun brands to share with you for the ultimate gift guides. Don’t forget to bookmark the giveaway page on our sister site Pure Wander to find some of the gift below as PRIZES! Cashmere Travel Wrap from White + Warren Scarves seem to be the ultimate…

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Crooked Flight’s Festive Food and Drink Gift Guide

bokksu japanese snack box

Eat, drink and be merry! We’re all about making memories over the holidays, and what better way to do so then through the passion of food around the world? We’ve curated a special list of fun foodie finds, drinks for celebrating and all the accessories you may need to throw a killer holiday bash or find the perfect gift. Don’t forget to bookmark the giveaway page on our sister site Pure Wander to find some of the gift below as PRIZES! Lattissima One Nespresso Machine My entire coffee game changed once I…

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